Nottingham Old Angel

February 5 2000

Another night, another local Nottingham band that has made a few waves as far as I'm aware, and still it's not full to capacity. Not empty at all, not quite as many here as for earthtone9 last night, but you still feel more should be here. Even I think that, surprising given that the only other time I've seen the band was last year supporting Fugazi and they didn't really leave a good impression. Tonight was better, though I wouldn't exactly call myself a fan or even a convert based on tonights performance. The music is noisy enough, but sometimes just disappears up itself a bit, and there's nothing really memorable. There are some good moments, the only title I think I can remember hearing was New Year, which featured some rather fine bass work. Generally though they just don't shake my rocking chair. But still, a few more people wouldn't have gone amiss.