Angelwhore / Injustice

Nottingham Old Angel

March 17 2000

Injustice - I'm sorry but the world doesn't need another KornChamber. Ok, I don't need another one. Not unless you're bringing something nu to the table. Nu - new geddit. Yeah, it's as boring and one dimensional a joke as some of this music is getting. Like so many bands, there's nothing "wrong" with Injustice and what they're doing. They're certainly a damn sight more talented musically than I am, but there's nothing new here. Just being able to play those down tuned riffs, shout and holler, hold the bass in "that" manner isn't enough. Something new please. It's the second band I've seen in a few weeks cover System of a Down - great band, but only an album old. And where they have a sense of originality and vitality that was a breath of fresh air to the whole "nu" scene, the bands aping them are just missing the point. Great moment of comedy though when they thank Angelcorpse. "Angelwhore" the guitarist, and the band, quickly correct the vocalist.

Ah yes, Angelwhore. Confession time. I spent the majority of the set talking near the bar. Kept one eye on them but y'know. Means I shouldn't write anything. But well it's like this, for my sins if the band were good, they'd have dragged me away. I can talk at other times - when the music is good, it does the talking. Unfortunately this wasn't. It was drab and boring and the name Marilyn Manson glides across the lips on a number of occassions. The vocalist and guitarist are bare chested - a wise move IF it was hot in here, which it wasn't, or if you're at the stage of being worshipped by adoring people - they're not. There's a few minorly disinterested people but they're not the stars yet that they want to be. And if it can't entice me away from the bar, well for me at least, it indicates some way to go. And the name - it is asking for trouble. Kept me thinking NWOBHM - Angelwitch, Angelcorpse - Angel Horse?