Hangnail / Shallow

Nottingham Old Angel

March 10 2000

There was another band, Sloth playing tonight. But I must admit I was not a happy bunny and so spent their set drinking and talking. Sorry, but sometimes thems the breaks.

Luckily, and I don't exactly know how they did it, but Shallow lifted me. We've had ups and downs me and Shallow. Sometimes live they've been really good, a couple of times they've bored me. Tonight they played pretty much all new music, and it was awesome. One track, forget the name now, was just such a monster groove, and it had a solo that challenges Blackrock in Dr Satan's Robot as my current favourite guitar solo. Just such a simple thing yet a warm sound. Everything clicks tonight. I remember at the end thinking "shit, much more of this and I'm going to be a fan of stoner music". It's a scary proposition. Apparently they've signed to Rise Above, the same label as Hangnail, and should have / be recording an album soon. On this peformance tonight, stack them up with Blackrock and the UK has nothing to fear against anyone in the stoner stakes. superb.

Like Shallow, me and Hangnail have had our ups and downs. Must be that problem of not really being a stoner fan. But like Shallow, they're getting to me. It's a different thing, this is much more rock, much more Soundgarden in there. And I've said it before and will do again, but Harry the vocalist is living the rock dream, dumb quotes, rock'n'roll and drinking, what could be better sort of thing. Yet he gets away with it. He's got a great Chris Cornell voice, they're backed by some strong material, and when they play Nottingham with the guest female vocals - forgotten the name again! it takes it to another dimension. They jam a new song as well, and there's an encore of Whole Lotta Love that I can hear as I'm at the bar. Started out a miserable sod tonight, nothing new there. By the end, well, there'd been a couple of cracking sets. Shame I missed Sloth now then.