Liberty 37

Nottingham Rock City

February 26 2000

I really don't know that I should write this "review" at the moment. A little bit of information about how I write reviews. I try to do one for every gig I see. I base it on the thoughts, emotions whatever going through my mind during the course of the gig. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. And based on that way of doing things, I'm really not sure though that I should write what I think at the moment. I've just walked home, and some really not good reviews have been written. Not regarding the band, just the way I feel. I kind of feel fractured and pretty disenchanted with the live thing at the moment. Not the bands, just the people that surround it. It's amazing that it took a 20 odd year old band on Wednesday to attract a crowd interested in the music. We've got shitloads of great stuff in this country, and people claiming to support it that are only interested in being seen to be scene. Though that of course appears to be a problem no matter where you go. Utter insincerity when it comes to music. Insincerity when it comes to life really. Don't worry, I'll snap out of it, hopefully within a day or so so please don't be offended. I don't want to hurt any egos. I've got in, turned on the telly, and the Grammy highlights are on. Kid Rock has just been singing about American Pussy being the best. Ok mate, if you say so. He was then removed from the stage in a fucking three wheeled motorised tricycle. The cameras panned to the crowd, highlight, and naming Jennifer Lopez and something like NSync clapping like crazy and being sincerely impressed by the music.. "Yeah dude, we lurrrrrrve this music - is my make up ok - you better mind you got my good side." Man, it's all so fucking original. I bet Judas Priest are kicking themselves at the moment for not thinking of using a motorised vehicle on stage. Shirley Manson, Moby and some other guy have just introduced the best rap artist. Uh, sorry, I like Moby, and I have grown to love Shirley Mansons' singing in Garbage, but where's the link here between them and rap. She looks bored. He looks stiffled. What about genuine interest in music. Oh, there's some others up now with a bit of the old mutual back slapping going on now. Those aren't daggers in the eyes. It's genuine sincerity in all the pre-rehersed bullshit that's being spoken.

And what the fuck has that all got to do with Liberty 37 playing Rock City? More than you'll probably understand, unfortunately - at least to me. Ok, if you ain't guessed it yet, turn off now if you're one of those people who occassionally feels insulted by the way I review gigs and state my opinion. It's the first time I've been in Rock City since the last gig I saw here, Machine Head I think, which didn't leave a great impression. The bar has a sign saying "Alternative prices". They're not kidding. 3.30 for a Newkie Brown is certainly an alternative price. I decide to drink Boddingtons instead. And how much more watered down can the drinks upstairs be? Like everything at the moment, it's all fake.

Meanwhile there's something genuine amidst all the pile of bollocks posing that's going on. Liberty 37 are playing. Mid way through the set the realisation hits me. Some people can just open their mouths and beauty emerges from within. Ish from Liberty is one of those people. The rest of us should just give up on that misguided notion that we can actually sing. There is no beauty in your lie.

Shit sorry, Christina Aguilera is telling us now that "honestly, I have no speech rehearsed" I need some tears, yet she still gets through a massive list. That's cos she's honest, didn't expect this. Didn't wear that backless dress 'cos she's going to photographed. Nah, course not.

Falling Out is dedicated to Earthtone9, "carry me home, that's for the earthtone guys, we'll behave, thank you so much", whilst the aforementioned No Beauty is introduced as "this is the first time we've played this since the Patron Saint of Thieving was on drums." Ah, so that's why there was a line-up change. The music is in many respects simple, but it just hits you. Ok, so many many more genuine music fans are going to be here on Thursday to see the nine masked wrecking machine called Slipknot (I may be, that depends on whether anyone can get me in, it's sold out and I have no ticket - they're not doing 'zine interviews. They're too busy), but still this music as emotional and heartfelt as you're going to get. It's not visual, but like many great bands, theatrics are not needed, just genuine passion and heartfelt emotion. It's such a shame that it's lacking in abundance at the moment within the whole music thing.

Revolution, the to be re-released single is awesome, as is Pig and 23rd and just everything they play. Of course there's genuine sincerity being shown as well by people. All those clammered around the stage were here cos of the band, from the start of the set and not because it's a club night and they've just wandered in and they're nodding that appreciative nod which translates to "we don't give a fuck and there's no way we'll buy your CD or ever see you if you play anywhere outside of Rock City." No, not that at all.

They actually manage an encore for Oh River. Not sure that it was deserved. Sorry, should make that clear, the band deserved it, because they create and play some wonderful music, it's just a shame that there currently appears to be so few people genuinely interested in the music. Don't even bother thinking of e-mailing me with your hate and telling me that I should'nt slag anything off. I don't care. I'll say what I think as long as I do this. It may not be for long, but I'm still going to say what I think. This country has a wonderful music scene, irrespective of what genre you decide to entrench yourself within, but the genuine support tends to suck. If you don't like me saying that, do something about it.

Santana's being told he's an inspiration because of his longevity by some insincere bigwig from a record label or the industry. Yeah, lngevity these days. Right, if you say so. Doesn't it take those people who "genuinely care" within the industry to actually be honest. To actually be looking to provide longevity to todays artists instead of the need to have an immediate hit or be dropped. Sorry, forgot, that doesn't happen. It's like relying on people. Don't do it kiddies, it leads only to disappointment.

Yeah, disgruntled. At least Liberty 37 were a beacon this evening in amidst all the false sincerity.You know the really annoying thing though, the thing that will snap me out of it is music. I feel like giving up on it, but it's what will bring me round. Now that's something to really piss you off about.