Little 10

Derby Vic

January 17 2000

2000. Oh yeah. And finally a gig. Thought for a minute it was never going to happen again. January is always soooo boring. Godd job then that work is completely hectic at the moment. Mind, it's getting in the way of finishing YAZ #12 amongst other things.

But finally a gig. Finally I get to see Little 10. And if the rest of 2000 is as good as this, then we're going to be doing very nicely thankyouvermuch. "We're Little 10" announces vocalist Joe from the stage just as I walk in. Which I thought was pretty good timing on my behalf, and in they go to Tramp. The next half an hour or so sees them plough through some of the older tracks from the rather excellent Frail EP, and also possibly some new stuff. There's a few people here, more than a few, because there's some other local bands on after, and even these people are nodding away to the likes of Carpee. It maybe their first time in Derby, but on the strength of the music and performance, and the impassioned vocals, it won't be the last. The vocals are maybe the clincher. I still can't decide, there's like an Eddie Vedder thing there to my mind, there's also that nagging thought of Tool. Far slip into the mind, as does grunge, and emo. Ah, a new year, and still the lazy references. Good to see some things don't change. The band may not have been too impressed by how they sounded, but I was, and it's a great start to a new year. As I said, there were other bands playing, saw the first couple of songs of the second band, kind of ragged hotchpotch punky joke let'shavesomefunwithourfriends sort of thing. Did nothing for me. The lure of doing an interview with Little 10 instead won through. So that's what happened. It'll be in an issue veryyyyy soon.