Human Waste Project

Bradford Rio

December 16 1997

OK, I'm now getting tired. Long drives are taking their toll, and it's all I can manage to merely watch the band. Which is a shame as they shredded the place. This was the location of their first UK gig as Aimee pointed out, and this time you look like you're having fun. As they were.

A few people were chanting for Coal Chamber just before HWP started, which seems a bit dumb. Like you know they ain't gonna be on yet. Still, I think HWP silenced those people, and had them eating out of their hands by the end. And the number of people wearing HWP shirts around me before the gig even started is proof enough. This tour is seeing the passing of the band from a relatively well kept secret to public knowldege and acceptance. Indeed, when I interviewed them after, they said they didn't know what had happened in the 3 or 4 weeks they'd been away, but the interest had trebled or quadrupled. And still the country awaits the album. Some predictions for 1998. Best band, best female singer, sexiest female, best drummer. You can guess who I reckon people are going to vote for. The start of something big.