Human Waste Project

Sheffield Leadmill

December 14 1997

Sheffield, as on the last tour, was a battle tonight. Though this time it wasn't so much with the apathy of the crowd, who were pretty good, but with the effects of 6 weeks touring with only 4 days off and the sickness that brings on. On the way in, Dan had explained that Scott was really sick, which might explain the delay in the band coming on. But during the delay, a very sizeable crowd had gathered, waiting, unlike at the Tura gig.

Eventually the band do make it on, with Aimee apologising for them all being a bit froggy tonight, and that Scott was dying. Scott's drumkit is right at the front of the stage, cutting it in 2. It's basically Aimee and Mike on one side, versus Jeff on the other. Hi over there, Jeff. Miss you! laughs Aimee at one stage.

A couple of songs seem to get cut tonight, namely Spain and Drowned (I think, I do all this from memory, and sometimes make mistakes), and it's a little of a battle, with Aimee, as she said afterwards, struggling to hit some of the highs and the lows. But this time round it doesn't really matter. The crowd are fine, which is a testament to a band who've yet to officially release their album over here. The buzz is out about the band, and they're living up to it.

Someone starts shouting for Dog. Dog, dog, for fucks sake you've gotta play dog he shouts when Aimee passes the mike in front. Well, if you know all the words you can sing it, do you know all the words. Of course, like every other night so far, it's not played, but it's an indication of things to come for the band. Once the album is out, people will be yelling for them to play everything and then some.

The rest of the set passes off without too much incident. By the time we get to the final song Disease, Aimee is asking if anyone wants to sing it for her, such is the way the voice is going. And that's it. A battle again, but a brave performance. Some would run off and cry when things are getting rough. Human Waste just ploughed on through, and from the number of people crowding and talking to Jeff and Aimee outside after the gig, the time will come soon when they can dictate tour schedules which are slightly more friendly towards them, allowing that luxury of a day off.