Human Waste Project

Wolves Wulfrun Hall

December 17 1997

The end of a long, tiring but fun trip for me, this was a gig that I believe the band were looking forward to after the last time here with Tura Satana. As with all the other dates on the tour, there's an air of anticipation which might just be curiosity before the band come on. Many people will have now either heard of them or seen them, but maybe not heard much BY them, but the cheer as they walk onstage indicates that people want to hear something.

Shine is followed by Drowned, with Jeff venturing out onto a space right beside the speaker stack for the first time. Get With It gets people bouncing again, before Aimee then asks if anyone has bought the single, before launching into She Gives, followed by a quick dose of Powerstrip. You may not like it now but you will, you may not like it now but you will sings Aimee. I don't know if that's a quote from a song, or just a vision of what's to come from Aimee, but it's on the mark. Those that don't like it now, soon will, and will then tell everyone they always did.

I'm feeling a little disappointed, as I kinda expected the reaction to be more intense than it feels, but maybe that's just too high expectations on my behalf. Slide is destined to be a classic, while once more, this is a hate crowd, but maybe a hate crowd that always gets what they want in love, yep, it's time for Exit Wound and the end is in sight.

Hold Me Down immediately gets people bouncing with that bass intro, before Aimee once more mentions the release of E-Lux on Feb 9th. Not a great enthusiasm shown, but maybe that's just the reserved British nature. Drugstore of course throws on the intro, that gentleness followed by one of the most bruising riffs of the year, which I still think wouldn't have been out of place on the latest Lard album, and then, it's the final song. The stomp that is Disease. And it's over. For me, 6 in 6, and now I have to wait until next year for the return.

So the band move on to Newcastle on the road to success, and I can return to normality, which is something they are not going to have in a long, long time.