Tura Satana / Bullyrag / Human Waste Project

Bradford Rios

Monday November 3 1997

Well, here it is, the first of 4 gig reports from this tour. Word of advice from the off, I went to see Human Waste Project. The fact that Tura Satana were headlining was almost secondary.

Human Waste Project's first ever in the UK, and believe me, it isn't going to be the last. Coming on to the intro tape, the band open up immediately with one of the real aces in their pack. Powerstrip. Aimee is wearing a face mask, which tends to make her look like someone out of Kiss, but we won't hold that against her. As an opener, it's pretty much as powerful as they come, and probably helps in terms of winning over a lot of people instantly. We're Human Waste Project ... and we're not from here says Aimee pacing nervously round the stage in circles.

The band then progress to whip through a choice selection of material from the album E-Lux, Drowned, One Night In Spain, Shine, Exit Wound (introduced as a song for lovers, who are fuckers, Dog (where Aimee messed up I reckon by singing the second verse first), and Drugstore. Requests for This Town are met be a tantalising few words, before Aimee says that we can't do it without Jonathon. I'll do it goes up the cry from somewhere. This is going to get difficult grins Aimee.

As the set progresses, more and more people are gradually being sucked into the HWP spell, by the end, they enticed a pretty good response out of the crowd and won over a host of new friends, something evident by the amount of posters and leaflets that the band end up signing afterwards. Somone mentioned later on the bus, that it was the best opening act reception he'd seen a band get at Rio's.

Disease ends things, with Aimee asking if there is any girl or boy that you really hate, and dedicating the song to them. Are we only allowed to choose one person though. Before the band finishes, Aimee announces that they will be back soon with Coal Chamber. Like I said, the first of many, and this band is going to be huge in this country. Catch them NOW.

Just to try and show that I can be objective, there were lowpoints, the non appearance of This Town and Slide, but hey, time constraints. It'll only be for a while. Cos mighty soon, if they want to, they are going to be headlining places like this. Just wait until the album is released here.