Tura Satana / Bullyrag / Human Waste Project

Nottingham Rock City

Friday November 7 1997

Ok, so you may be getting the idea that I like this band right! And that I can't be objective. Well wrong. No, not on the liking the band bit, t'other bit I'm on about. In my opinion, this was the worst of the gigs they've done so far. See, I can criticise. Well, to a degree. It seemed the worst to me, because Aimee seemed to be having trouble with the vocals, asking for the monitor to be turned up, and the reaction wasn't as good as I was expecting, or hoping for.

Opening with Shine, they then followed up with Drowned. Afterwards Aimee introduces the band as being Human Waste Project, to pretty much silence. Oh,she says, and tries again. This time it's more like the response they deserve.

Powerstrip, complete with Aimee's Men Without Hats rap you can dance if you want to, you can leave all your friends behind, cos your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine. finally starts to get a response from the crowd, as well it should. If the right backing is given, this could well become a surprise hit single when it's released in December. Aimee holds on to the lighting rig whilst singing, the stage is a tad too small, as Bullyrag discover later. Now things are begining to warm up. Slide, Get With It, Hold Me Down all continue the warm up process, with Aimee mentioning that she heard we like to dance, so bounce along. Talking to Jeff afterwards, they seem to refer to a few of the songs as bouncing songs.

Aimee once more announces that the band will be back in December with Coal Chamber, cue a decent enough cheer, before asking if we'll be back, all of you. She also announces that Powerstrip is the single, it's one you can dance to.

Of course Exit Wound is just immense. And then there's the throbbing intro to Drugstore, followed by that huge riff, and it's time for Aimee to once more announce that they have just one song left, and that one is Disease.

As they troop off, Graverobbers from Mars is playing, to chants of more, more. So I think that after a lukewarm start, things got there in the end. Course in a years time when they're headlining the bigger hall upstairs, everyone will probably tell you how they were here and into it from the first note.

Talking to Jeff afterwards, he seemed to be quite happy with the gig, and thought the relative silence at the start was pretty nice. I guess in a way it's to be expected, as they don't actually have anything officially released here yet, the single is a month away, and the album 3 months. He also explained the absence of Dog and Spain, mainly due to time constraints, but also a bit of messing around. I'm not going to tell you what he said they may do on the Coal Chamber tour. If he's telling the truth, I have one word, gulp.

So, do I travel to Manchester tonight, or just wait until Sheffield tomorrow night. Decisions decisions. Adios for now.