Tura Satana / Bullyrag / Human Waste Project

Sheffield Leadmill

Sunday November 9 1997

Isn't it amazing how things can swing around so quickly. It feels like a rollercoaster at the moment, one minute up on an exhilerating ride. The next it's all going down. That's what the last 3 gigs have been like. Nottingham, ropey crowd. Manchester, wow. Sheffield, the crowd was so ropey they could've hung themselves. On the way in Dan spots me and asks if I'm ok for a ticket tonight. Yep, just make sure I can get in on Wednesday.

Maybe the bands had knowledge of what to expect. After all, only minutes before HWP are due to take the stage there is absolutely noone at the front. As the minutes tick by, a few of us move down closer, but packed it isn't.

The band wander on without the normal intro tape going. Aimee joins them minus the facemask, and the gentle intro to Shine probably throws quite a few people. I think in a way maybe that's what's done it on a few of the dates. The band plough throw it, along with Drowned and receive some polite applause.

Aimee then does the by now standard we'll be back in December with Coal Chamberto almost silence, and you don't give a fuck about it. Well, you won't give a fuck either that we'll be releasing a single in December called Powerstrip, and this is it.. The Men Without Hats rap that's been added onto the song is done, and when Powerstrip launches, suddenly some people do begin to show some interest.

Throughout the rest of the set, the band seem to win some more people over, but it's not as good as I'd hoped. It's weird, I mean, i know they've got nothhing released here yet, so in a way, you can't expect much, but the way this band hit me on first hearing them, I kinda expect people to get it straight away, and when they don't it leaves you feeling, like, what the fuck. Don't you people realise the lies you're going to be telling in a year or so time. But still, maybe that's ok. Maybe I can act elitist and enjoy the trip now.

Slide sounds as though Aimee either deliberately switched the lyrics or messed up, and it's sung with more anger than I've heard on the entire tour. Exit wound, well what can you say about that song, Drugstore, and then of course, Disease. Do you have someone you really hate, I mean really HATE. Little response.How much do you hate themNot much more response. You don't hate them much then. Bounce to this one, and when you do, imagine the person you hate is the floor when you hit it. And the set finishes.

So some gigs are uphill struggles. There seemed nothing wrong with the sound and performance to me, it's just a lacklustre audience. But I guess bands go through these nights, some seem to thrive on them. Maybe in the return with Coal Chamber it'll be better. Mike seemed to acknowledge that after the gig, saying how great Manchester was. But it was, for everyone. I mean, even Tarrie tonight said, we thought you weren't going to move. Admittedly, Tura got a decent reception, but for both HWP and Bullyrag, well, they both deserve better. But at least Mike now knows what the term The Dogs Bollocks means. And I hope he's not too disheartened by my description that The Fleece & Firkin in Bristol is like just a glorified pub. We're playing a pub he shouts and laughs at the same time. But at least it may have a better atmosphere than tonight.

One thing I don't get. Tarrie dedicated Venus Diablo tonight to the kids outside that couldn't get in. The place was not full or sold out. Why when that happens, can't either the bands, or more likely the venue, just let them in. Ok, you're not gaining ticket money, but you're not loosing it. They may buy something when inside, and most importantly, the atmosphere would've been so much better. Is it cos they're yuong. That's just bullshit.