Tura Satana / Bullyrag / Human Waste Project

Wolverhampton Wulfrun

Wednesday November 5 1997

I swear this tour is going to cost me my driving license. Setting off a few minutes later than intended, I managed to make up the time on the road, until the last few minutes, when the Great British motorway system showed itself for what it really is. A fucked up pile of junk. Roadworks, bleeding roadworks. I'm only about 10 miles away, and it take half an hour to move 3. I'm going to miss the start of the Human Waste set, and it feels like a bit of road rage is ready to set in. Not with people, with the road itself. God, this is so fucking annoying. I don't want to be here, I want to be there.

It's not often a band does that to me. Sure, I go and see a lot, and like the majority. There are some incredible bands around at the moment, but when you're seeing a band 4 times in 10 dates, missing a few minutes one night isn't really a problem. Well it is now. Thats what makes this band special for me. They, along with System of a Down and the rejuvinated Gorilla, have inspired me again. Made me feel excited and like a kid again. The Wildhearts had done it, but their recent antics has just brushed me off a bit. And there are other bands that are special, but not like this.

I'm sure most people have one band that they are passionate about. And when people ask why, you can't explain. Sure, there's the old, well, I love the music, or I love the voice, or they're great live, but somehow, that's not enough. It's that and more, it's an undefinable something, but being stuck on a motorway, getting annoyed, that's when you suddenly begin to realise.

Sorry, there's nothing about the gig there is there. It's just trying to show what this band means to me, and pretty damn soon, are going to mean to others. Still, I did arrive just as Aimee announced they would be back real soon with Coal Chamber. To a big cheer. And then they were powering through Slide, a welcome return to the set. And it's crowded down the front. People are pogoing. HWP are definitely making friends fast. But once people get to hear and see them, there was never really any doubt that it would happen.

The band look happy as well, and I'm still in time to hear Exit Wound, Hold Me Down, Drugstore and of course, Disease when I say I am the one, you are the one Echo. It's more energetic than in Bradford, probably the band settling into things, and the jet lag wearing off. The same could be said of the Tura performance later on.

People are really getting this band. For me, they were probably the best received band of the night. Sure, there were a few more people down there for Tura, but I really don't think they went off quite as well as for HWP. Six months after the album is released in February this year,er, 1998, Aimee quickly corrects herself, the band are going to be able to headline the bigger Civic Hall next door. Make no mistake about it. The trade they were doing after the gig at the merchandise stall proves it, sure, partly it's because they're all there signing anything and everything, but probably also because they are so good.

Apparently, according to Andy, they started off with a jammed out version of Shine, and Powerstrip was the third song they played. I'll take a guess and say that I missed One Night in Spain and Dog as well. This will not happen again. Otherwise, watch out if you're on the roads. Hey, I was kidding.

Afterwards Jeff said the tour was going great, they're bringing something else over with them when they return with Coal Chamber, some drum machine thing, which he said is really cool. And they're likely going to be returning to the UK in February to tour in support of the album, which will probably have a different cover to the US version.

Ok, that's it. The second totally biased review of this tour, I make no bones about it. And there'll be another 2 totally biased reviews to come.