Intoxicated zine

Picked this one up at the same time as the Seps interview, and I like it a lot. It operates in the same ball park, so to speak, as YAZ, so if you like the bands featured in here, then you should check this one out. Issue 8, the one I got, has interviews with Tura Satana, Hed(pe), Breed77 and more. Plus a shit load of reviews and demos, and a section dedicated to the more extreme end of the metal spectrum.

Plus main man Graham has supplied all the live pics in the interviews (except the System one), so for that alone deserves you lot buy a copy of this as a thanks from me.

Ok, I’ve just received issue 9, and it’s of an equally high standard as issue 8. This time there’s the interview with Derrick from Seps that Graham did as I was interviewing Andreas, plus interviews with Earthtone9, Lockdown, Psycore (grrr), Stampin’ Ground, One Munute Silence and more. I’m still trying to figure how the hell the guy gets so many interviews into one issue, and still have room for more than 130 reviews. Yep, we’re talking serious amounts of stuff in here.

And of course, the live pics are bloody ace as well.

£1 plus 2 2nd class stamps from:

Intoxicated Magazine, PO Box 2581, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7GT.