What was it I said earlier about people being stupid. Hmm, Iíve just been reading Rocksound. Still uncertain about that magazine. I mean on the positive, it is at least trying to appreciate the existence and appeal of a whole cross section of music. On the other it does by doing so it deals with a whole host of bands that just donít do it in any way shape or form for me. And more importantly, features bands that I donít think would normally give the potential audience of the magazine the time of day if it wasnít for the fact that itís a big glossy and so their labels and PR tell them that big and glossy "is a good thing.". But thatís a seperate issue.

What really got to me, is something that in doing this zine I have really REALLY grown to detest. Poor shoddy imbecilic work by people who are paid for it. Harsh? Maybe, but look, there was a review. It was actually 2 CDs, Light of the Morning and, go with me on this for the moment, "Medulla Nocte". Both on Blackfish records. Kill 2 birds with on stone I guess. So the Light CD got a review. Not bad, not great. Itís not what Iím concerned with.

Medulla got a really good review. Excellent. Canít complain about that Dave. Oh but I can. You see, the Medulla Nocte review was labelled as being "Freebase". Hmmm. Hereís a little piece of fact if you didnít know. The CD in question was a SPLIT CD. TWO bands. Medulla Nocte and a band called FREEBASE. The CD itself was called "From One Extreme To Another." This really really fucking annoys me. Not getting SIMPLE facts straight. It doesnít take a rocket scientist. The CD comes with an inlay. It names TWO bands and a CD title. It has thanks lists for TWO bands. It has band line-ups for TWO bands. It has sleeve notes by Glasper describing TWO bands. It even has both bands covering each others songs for christsakes. So how the fuck do you end up making such a bollox of this. Shoddy fucking work. It annoys the shit out of me. No doubt the person who wrote the review got paid. They no doubt received a complimentary review copy. Given all that, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not doing the basic research. It annoys me because magazines and their writers appear to be held on a rather large pedestal these days. People sometimes take notice of them. They trust them. The people at the magazines are doing their best to get their faces on TV and make some of their journalists into bigger personalities than the bands themselves. But itís not about them at all. Itís about music. Anyone can write. Anyone. If youíre going to get paid, then do it correctly. It annoys me that some people who do this thing for a living judge a band from the comfort of the bar or on 2 minutes hearing. NO. Fuckers. You are in a priveliged position. Do your job properly or get the fuck out of it and leave it for someone who gives a damn about it. Now I know, it could have been a simple mistake. Anyone can make them. I do, this thing is riddled with them, and itís only after itís printed that I spot them. But, a magazine has more than one writer. It probably has, or should have, proof readers. But for something this basic, the reviewer should know what heís doing or notice. It calls into question the whole integrity of them. I mean, can you really believe that they listened to it? How many times? Sure, they get a load of stuff to review, thereís only so many hours in the day. But itís their job. Or at least if itís a part time freelance job, then you are taking the money for it. If you take the money, you have a duty to do it properly. Like another example was in Kerrang! A year after the Sack Trick album was released, they finally reviewed it. An ok review. Some comments I disagree with, but that after all is personal opinion, and everyone is obviously entitled to theirs. Even if they are wrong. Smile, I was being sarky. But anyway, opinions aside, they should get the facts right. It started off with the Wildhearts link. There is no link. Not on the album. The link is that Jef has played with them live, but not on the album. The album is the brainchild of Chris Dale, formerly of Atom Seed and Bruce Dickinsons band. Never, to my knowledge, has he been a member of the Wildhearts. Just simple facts. Sure, they may actually sell a few more albums based on that link as reported, but címon, get things right please.

It really isnít hard. But as I may have mentioned before, people are STUPID.

This one ain't going in the charts. This is Charger with their debut EP Fuzzbastard. First up, it clocks in 24 minutes for the 3 tracks, so it's ineligable. And secondly, this ain't going to get played on the radio. Taking their style and influence it would seem from the Iron Monkeys of this world, and going for the sludgefest approach, we might as well get my usual gripes with this sort of music over and done with at the start. The vocals take on the gargle gargle yayyyyyy approach. Not as irritating as Morrow of the late Monkey, but still leaves you wanting just a little more variety every now and then.

The final track, weighs in at a meaty 14 minutes. Which is to be honest too long. Well it is for me. I suspect people who love this style of music will love it, but it bores. It's not helped by the crawl pace that it adopts. Having said that, the riff is a huge monatone mountain of a riff. Little more variety to it would be nice. There's actually some background vocal/cries going on here, more of which would be nice. Just to give it that, no, I'm not going to say the word again. It all ends with everything being turned up to about 57 and the distortion crushing your lugholes.

Maybe I should listen to this when I'm more in the mood. Maybe after the thesis has been submitted. Now is not the right time.