Imprint demo

Received this courtesy of Choff from Snub, whose new album is apparently related to canine testicles. Weíll see. Anyway, yeah, received this demo. First thing, no music relation. The bio. I know, bands do bios. They have to. And itís really fucking irritating when you receive an e-mail saying "check us out dude" and thatís it. They expect you to go to the website, look, review everything without providing details. So itís like get a balance. Because no info is no help, but bioís are inevitably bollocks. Full of crap that if I personally am in a really bad mood just sets things up nicely to want to rip bands apart before listening to the music. See they often tell you how "original" they are, how theyíre "carving their own niche and providing a sound comparable to no one". Utter tosh and you and I both know it. Thereís just about no originality left these days. Which DOESNíT mean stuff is crap, just means you take it for what it is. Why the spiel here. Cos like I said, bioís are full of crap. What I donít like though, is when people pretend to be something theyíre not. You may have gathered that from elsewhere in here this issue. Anyway, a simple thing, but Imprint in their bio say "their sophomore recording, which was scheduled to be recorded in the fall." Uh, sorry, sophomore? Fall? The bio says youíre from Brighton. Sohpomore? Fall? Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Youíre not American. Donít try to be. It sounds stupid.

Ok, thatís my personal pet hate for this one out of the way, as ever the most important thing is the music. Or should that be "da music bro".

And thereís good and bad with it. Vocalist L is kind of at the centre of it for me. The first track opens up and thereís the bullfrog style vocal. Itís almost immediately offset by a more melodic vocal, which sounds to me like itís taken a nod from the more nasal style of Patton. Theyíre so different that it really does sound like 2 different vocalists. The problem is, the gruff bullfrog vocals sound too forced, and at the moment thereís not enough power and control there to pull them off. On the other hand, the melodic vocals work, and for me they work better with the style of music anyway. The problem there being if they follow that path, then Iím sure it may be considered too lightweight or, god forbid, commercial for the more hardcore audience I think theyíre aiming for and suited to. Thatís not to say the music is lightweight, itís not, itís just for me the melodic would give it an edge, make it stand out more. But, if youíve read many reviews Iíve ever written, thatís a fairly common theme for me. Iím not a true hardcore fan, and the feeling is thereís many bands like Imprint, who are great at what they do, but are they going to make a difference or an impact (sorry). And I donít mean on a grand scale. Use the strenghts, and I think at the moment that Imprintís strengths are just slightly differently aligned. The music you see is decent, some nice riffs, more melodic moments. Itís not far removed from all the nu-metal scene, so if you like that, youíll probably find something here of interest, even if itís not entirely original. But then what is? My reviews certainly ainít.

But like I said, at least for me, cut the bollocks in the bios. The only influence it will ever have on me is a bad one. I try to avoid reading them normally, but curiosity you know. Bioís are not good. Bioís are the work of the Spice Girls themselves.

Contact: Imprint@17, Bishopstone Road, Bishopstone, Near Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2UB

"Have some of this Dave." What is it? "Humble pie". Why? Well, some people should shut their mouths. After complaining about people that canít do their job properly and write for amagazines, Iíve just been reading #11 after getting it back from the printers. How many mistakes and typos can there be in one issue!?!!?

Ah well, we all make mistakes. Still, itís fun to rant about other peoples. Just as long as you remember youíre not immune to it yourself.

Munch munch mmmmm. My, this is tasty humble pie.

Inimenter/Little Giant Drug

Org-an-ised Single Series

Another of those Org monthly singles. Split CD, 5 tracks. First couple belong to Inimenter, who are currently getting big Org ravings. Not bad, the comparison Iíd heard was The Pixies crossed with Pennywise, and as stupid as it sounds, it could well be fairly accurate I guess. Canít really say cos Pennywise were too like Bad Religion but not as good and I wasnít intelligent or trendy enough to like The Pixies. So in my terms, itís melodic and punkish, but with a bit of clout. And I can understand where the comparisons maybe come from. But does it all standout? Mmmmm, not sure. I tried my pulse after listening, and luckily it was still there, but it hadnít risen any. But This Time and Blunt illustrate a potential that itíll be interesting to hear if they manage to fulfill when a full length effort emerges and also whenever I get the chance to see them live. The music drives along, powered by some nice melodic vocals. Itís all heavy without trying to be heavy for heavys sake. Blunt has some more delicate moments sandwiched between a total onslaught and boasts a good chorus.

Mind you, I was more interested from the off in hearing more Little Giant Drug. What Iíve heard so far has been tasters on the Org CDs and now Iím getting hungry. First is This Place Can Never Be Found, melodic and big, and also in possession of a half decent chorus. Silver is more dreamy, hypnotc, big chorus, tender and mild but compelling. Their final track is Well Born, all twisty drum beats, loads of backing vocals and melodies, hard to guess that some of the members emanate from Napalm Death. This is just the starter course. Canít wait to lunch on the full drug.

Definite lack of demos so far this issue. But hey, if the bands donít want them reviewed, then just keep on not sending Ďem. But one I do have is from DíVoid. Bad name. Too cheesy. Which is a shame because the music itself isnít half bad. Theyíve got their sound and the production together, the guitars are meaty and the drums are crisp. Itís coming from a thrash background, though more founded in the more modern era like Machine Head and company. But although the 3 tracks on offer, Blackout, Prime-evil and Fader are good, they donít have that killer riff or melody thatís needed to move them up to the next level. And this may be unfair, but it appears theyíre a three piece, with Jim Foster on guitar and vocals. Just going by the music and my own perceptions and enjoyment of it, they need a frontman. This is music that needs someone to be the focal point and take everything by the scruff of the neck, and often thatís so hard to achieve when youíve got someone handling both the vocals and the music.

DíVoid have got the sound and the potential. They need that one killer moment, and maybe a different name.

Contact: Chris, 40 Croft Lane, Hollins, Bury, Lancs, BL9 8BX.