Warning, turbulent waters ahead ...

New issue, new year, new century. Same old shit. I had something else written for this bit, but as this issue progressed and other things happened, I decided to scrap it for this. Iíll try and keep this fairly short.

An intention of mine in doing YAZ is simple. To say what I think, and not be accountable to anyone. Itís not a way into the industry for me. Itís me saying what I think about the music I buy, any Iím sent and the gigs I go to see. Along with my thoughts as to how things work based on my experiences from putting this together and my sadly misguided ideas as to how Iíd like to see things work - with the focus first and foremost on the music. Whatís the point in giving an opinion if itís not honest and your own opinion. Not the bands. Not the labels. Not the PR company. Not the mainstream pressí opinion. Your own. To me there is no point. I wonít say something is good just because theyíre a name band, or on a name label. To me, if I think itís shite, I think itís shite. That means I may offend some peoples sensibilities, but at least itís honest. At least I can sleep at night. Iíd find that harder if I knew I was lying about what I really thought. Doesnít always win me friends, but then thatís not the intention of the zine. Not that itís my intention to make enemies. I hope the people that know me through the zine judge me on who I am and like or dislike me for who I am, not on whether I will give them a good review or not.

As youíll see as you work through this, a bit was written at a time when I was feeling particularly stressed. To the extent that the zine closed down for a month. People being people annoyed me and contributed to my distaste for the whole thing. But with time I reasoned things through and decided to start it back up.

Afterwards my ability to have an opinion, the worth of my opinion, the validity of it, and the truth of it appeared to get called into question by various people. Some of it youíll come across. Some of it you wonít. I ended up feeling pinned into a corner, and this issue is maybe a reaction to all that - the stress, the criticism.

As such, this isnít a particularly pleasant issue. I donít know that I personally like it. I could have changed it, made it more "user friendly" But itís a reflection of a particular time, and how I felt, so itís as it is. But this serves as a warning now. I donít particularly like this issue. Itís pretty confrontational I guess.

Some elements of it all may seem of no relevance and importance to people - you only want to know about the music, not what Iím thinking or doing. Well, music you see influences my moods and thoughts, sometimes what Iím thinking influences my approach to music, and so to me itís valid in order to try and indicate where Iím coming from in terms of my attitude or mood when reviewing something. If you fail to pick up on the fact that sometimes I say something went over my head because I was in a bad mood, then thatís your problem. In my own way Iím trying to explain some of the reason to my opinions.

So all I really want to say here (yeah, I know, this was going to be brief!) is this, everything you read in here is my opinion. It means nothing. If you donít like it, fine. But trust me, itíll only ever be my opinion, and if you donít like it that way then tough. After all, all this zine is, is someone who loves music trying to tell other people of some of the great stuff out there and give his opinion on whatís around. You may well think I contradict myself and am hypocritical. Thatís your perrogative. And youíre probably correct. Because Iím human. My mind changes. My ideas change. My tastes change. My opinions change. I try to listen and learn things, and so everything is constantly changing, and I of course contradict myself. I think that anyone who thinks theyíre not a hypocrite is a hypocrite.

Oh, and for those that whinged about the quality and lack of pictures. Well thereís even less pictures this time than before. My scannerís lying dead at home. Personally I want to do an issue with no pictures at all. It only detracts from the music and clouds our judgement anyway.

I also donít intend the next issue to be this big. I do intend that it goes back to about 50 pages. Same reasons as ever. Time and money. Iím busier than ever in work and so havenít got the time to do something this big every couple of months or the money to buy the CDs. Itís taken three months longer than I planned to finish this one.

Dave - March 2000



Looking for your review?: If youíre looking for a review of your bands demo or your labels artists or review of the band you represent and it ainít here, well itís pretty simple. You didnít send it. Thereís been a lot of releases by people who sometimes send stuff, but have for whatever reasons decided not to. Ok, but it then becomes a lottery as to whether I decide or can afford to buy it or not. It may explain why thereís some "gaping omissions". Though remember, sending something wonít guarantee a "good" review, just an honest one based on my opinion. Which may well mean nothing. Please remember, itís going to take a few months before it gets printed. This issue is 100 pages - and Iíve still got stuff that Iíve bought left over for next ish. Send any stuff to:

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