My Ruin / Ruby Cruiser

Dudley JBs

September 12 1999

Really wasn't sure about going to this one for a couple of reasons. One is that I'm not the biggest Tarrie B fan in the world, and to be honest, I'm not expecting too much from My Ruin that's different to Tura Satana, who were ok. But who I don't find myself reaching for their CDs after their demise. The other reason being having to hope the network and servers and everything work at the new building tomorrow morning. Combined with another meeting after the one today with the boss about the thesis, which is now due in ooh, what, 18 days time. May mean sod all to you, but a hell of a lot to me, and is causing a lot of worry, stress and pressure. And as I've said before, music is part of life for me and reflects the mood I'm in and my feelings at the time. And that's how I write these things. Don't like it? Well sod off then. But I went, even though the mind isn't really on the gig.

The first thing though is that I missed Breed77 who I assumed would be on second, and who I assumed wouldn't have finished before 8.30 given JBs track record. I was wrong on both counts.

So the first band I saw were Ruby Cruiser. Who went down, well pretty shit really. Ok, it was reminding me of Wildhearts lite, though the name 3 Colours Red was mentioned, which might be a more appropriate comparison. Kind of melodic, though crunchy stuff. Not pop. Not rock. Not bad. Would need to hear it more often to make a decision, because so many others do it, and it kind of gets a little boring. But they receive pretty much zero reaction. Par for the course really innit? British band. You know the score by now. And the people who gave them no time at all never ever listen to the Wildhearts or that style of music. Oooh no. They simply hate this because they never listen to it. Yeah, ok.

Reason I say that is lets face it, My Ruin are here and attracting this size crowd based on the frontpersons past. A UK band with one album a few weeks old wouldn't get the same press or turnout. So, whether it's fair or not, or whether they like it or not, comparison with the past is inevitable. They're using to assist themselves, as the inclusion of the few Tura Satana songs is testament to. I think Luna was there, and one other. Forgot now. Of course they receive the best reception. Never in any doubt really was it?

The new material, well, to be honest, I can't remember any of it. Did nothing for me. It was the spectacle that stuck. And I still don't know how I feel about it. They welcome stage divers, but the first person pats Tarrie on the head and gets pushed off in retaliation. Ok, if people start touching up on stage, that's different, but if you allow stage diving, you surely have to accept that occassionally people do pat you, or occasionally collide with the guitarist or whatever. Eventually things calm down, and a number of kisses are exchanged to the female members of the band, with Tarrie pat the blokes on the arse in return. One arrives on stage with a whip. The cover of Tainted Love is still a mistake in my opinion. Confrontation though you feel is never far away. And so as the encore arrives, a spoken word piece is played. Someone heckles. Eventually Tarrie gets him to the front to speak into the microphone. It's a complaint of ripping off Crass with the spoken word "lyrics". Tarrie flies into a rage abouthow Crass were meaningful and had something to say, and "what the fuck do you know, you look like you belong at an 80s Krokus concert, make a fucking wish", she clatters him on the head with the microphone and they launch into the old Tura Satana favourite. Thing is, everytime I've seen her perform, she always manages to loose her cool and hit someone on the head at the point in the gig. Either its staged or she should've learned to just relax a little before that. It's all a bit suspect. But hey, who the fuck am I to say that? I'm sure I'd get bawled out for it. After the song she rants again, before saying "we are going to rip someone off now" as they play Stoopid as a tribute to the late Lynn Strait of Snot. Strange how it's just about the best song played here tonight. Paul from Breed 77 is brought on for the final song, Sick Of It, and that's it.

Was it worth it then? Well, it wasn't really any different to a Tura gig. Not really. The atmosphere was kind of fun, because she does take the time to talk to the crowd and engage people. But you just feel that some of the confrontation is totally unnecessary now. And saying things like "Dudley in the house", to me just sounds utterly crass and cheesy. It's an Americanism that just sounds so stupid in this country. At least to me.

Ultimately the test is with respect to the album. Having only heard the single, am I tempted to buy the album on the strength of this gig? No.

And all was quiet for about 2 months. Then, then the next two pages happened ....