Fracture zine #8

In a way, I hate Fracture. But I mean that in a positive sense, not negative. See, itís got itís act together so well itís scary. I mean, this is 104 A4 pages, and itís free. Sure, thereís plenty of ads to allow that (there has to be, it surely couldnít be done otherwise), but how they do it is beyond me. And itís packed full of stuff, interviews, loads of reviews, and plenty of columns that make for interesting reading - personal fave this time was the Over-rated column. Thereís plenty of politics as well, which Iím not so keen on, but I respect that many people see punk, at least from itís "original" days as being inextricably linked with politics, making it more than a musical movement.

All that being said, I could go on for absolutely ages about elements within the zine with which I disagree, reviews opinions and all that. I constantly find myself going "grrr,fcccck zzzzzzz" sort of thing. But, thatís good, because it means that Fracture engages you, it gives opinions and something for you to think about, even if you find yourself disagreeing and quite often thinking that itís all a bit narrow minded in its outlook. But maybe itís not narrow minded, just well defined. But it makes it much more worthwhile than reading something that 20 minutes later youíve forgotten.

Fracture is the best in itís class, without a doubt, and for all the bits that I disagree, I personally find it so much more engaging and embracing than Maximum RockíníRoll. If youíre into punk and hardcore, though of the more modern brand, then this is the zine for you. One day I may even have the balls to send a copy of YAZ for them to review, but that day isnít today. Got love the cover picture as well of the drummer from John Holmes wearing a Manowar t-shirt. Whoís taking the piss out of who you wonder.

Fracture, PO Box 623, Cardiff, CF3 4ZA. Basically free - £5 for a 10 issue subscription


Last time I saw P101 it had loads of interviews, and no reviews. A reason was given, but it still felt wrong to run the zine with no reviews. Itís just one of a number of problems Iíve had with the zine in itís time. Issue 6 is much better. The ads are still there - a full page full colour Blink-182, but theyíre needed to fund this whole thing. And this time theyíre less intrusive. As a whole it feels like an improvement in the layout, quality of the interviews and all that. The reviews tell me nothing, seemingly consisting of stuff like "I like this and no more needs to be said" or "sounds like blah and Iím enjoying this". Just need a bit more about the music you know. And it feels entirely narrow minded in its review policy. Itís all melodic punk and virtually nothing else gets a look in. No demos, no zines. Itís getting there, and I respect the progression, but itís still not as good as it could be. Next issue it promises is soley to do with the Vans Warped Tour, on which the P101 main people were allowed to travel. Youíll get reviews, interviews etc with all the acts there. And that in itself tells you everything about the content in general of P101. If you like the Warped Tour bands, youíll like P101. If you look for something vaguely different, it ainít in here.

Of course, you get a CD each time, which is good, though again I think it would be nice to feature some new bands for people. But if youíre going to get a punk zine, then get Fracture. Thereís no comparison in my opinion.

"Oh man I fucking swear" says the Ozman as his jaw hits the floor and with a twinkle in the eye, immediately proving his point to be correct by swearing before picking up his jaw to finish what he was saying "this lot are going to be the biggest fucking thing ever from Britain, theyíre amazing." The words of the Ozman. No, not that one, tíother one, the one that does some of the guitar duties in Earthtone 9, and heís raging about this lot called Floor. He gives me a copy of the demo stuff and then buggers off to Europe on tour. Me? I get to go to work and listen to this. Fair deal? Best find out really.

Well, Iíve got 3 tracks. 2 on CD, one on tape. No titles. Letís start with the CD first as apparently these were the first 2 songs the band ever wrote.

What they like? Pretty fucking impressive actually. Melodic and twisting, itís kind of like taking the bits of the Deftones that I like, marrying them to some vocals that sometimes remind me of Jonah from Far, sometimes Mr Vedder and on the second track thereís a distinct moment when the vocals and the drums are rolling with the guitar in such a way as to bring to mind Tool.

Even though production is a little muddy, it doesnít matter, the guitars show enough edge but also melodic suss that for my money gives them the edge of many bands who just try to be abrasive seemingly for the sake of it. Another name went through my mind, Little 10. Theyíre another cracking UK band doing a similar thing, and they both do it very well. Classy bands with a future if given the chance. But then as I listened to this Iíve just been reading the Rock City Review in which their demo section has the following quote:

"So nothing is going to get me down, unless,... OH NO! I forgot about the fucking demo section (every silver lining has a cloud) ... Iíll try and remain optimistic but it is difficult with the likes of the following bunch of no-hopers plaguing my speakers."

Nothing to do with Floor or Little 10. Itís just the attitude that makes me think if you donít like it, then fuck off and donít write for something that pretends to be there for the music and to support upcoming bands. This is in the rag that claims to be read by 20,000 people. What kind of attitude is that to show them? What the fuck is wrong with demos? Maybe you get a bad batch. Maybe the guy who wrote it is just a tosser - simply my opinion. Maybe some people donít want to read the witterings of a bunch of no-hopers like myself and my best pal there, but we still write the stuff. And itís because you do get some fucking cracking demo material and it shouldnít be looked on as a chore. Has it been a chore for me to listen to Floor? No way. Excellent stuff with the potential that given the right opportunity they may produce something special. There again, they may not. Weíll have to see. But shutting off the doors to demo bands with an attitude like that is not the way forward. I know, that bit shouldnít have a place in this demo review, but thereís a point. Itís about attitude. Itís about giving a fuck. You can be like this guy and be a twonk, or you can give stuff a listen.

Moving on to the track on the tape now then, the opening vocal gambit is a bit more harsh than before, exploring a more hardcore style without ever really being hardcore. Thereís plenty of changes going on, some big huge riffs and a breakdown into a more gentle piece featuring multi-vocal harmonies shifting through the speakers. For a young band they seem to have a grip on trying things. I want to hear more. Maybe you do to. Yes, itís a demo, but itís a demo from Floor that comes well recommended. And this time it ainít just me saying it, remember the Ozman speaketh also.

Oh, stopping presses time. Theyíve changed their name to Hundred Reasons. Got some tracks on a compilation soon. Still have no contact details. Iíll try and find them either for next time or later in this ish.