Next up in the goodie bags, ok, well Iíve got a bunch of CDs that are going to all be 70s style hard rock and metal. Weíve got the new live Michael Schenker album, Mogg/Way and Thunderhead. May as well do them all at once. But first we have the new Overkill. Why lump them in with this lot? 80s thrash compared with "classic" rock. Yeah, but see, this is Coverkill, an album consisting entirely of cover versions. Hmmm, now where have I heard that before. Why why why why why why why? Why is everyone doing covers. Fuck it, the next issue of YAZ is going to be a cover version of Kerrang! Iím going to take an entire issue and just "throw my own slant on it". Now wouldnít that be an utter utter waste of my time and yours? Pointless. Worthless. So whereís the difference between that and all these goddamn covers that are being released. Iíve nothing against covers. Hell, if I was in a band, Iíd find it nigh on impossible to write music that I wanted to play more than that which has influenced me. But, thereís a time for this thing. Thereís a way to do it, and this isnít it. The internet - use that. Release these things for free on there - offer a "free" CD with your album - remembering that it means you donít up the price. Anything but doing this. It shows a lack of originality, and itís scary that labels seem to only have confidence in their bands covering other peoples material. No no no no no no no. Ok, so that out of the way, what about the album itself. Well, it starts with the song from which the band took their name, Motorheadís Overkill, performed live if youíll believe this. But Iím sorry, Overkill have never been big enough to gain a reception like the one that leaps forth from this "live" recording. You get the Sex Pistols - of course, cos Iím sure Overkill have been punk, like every other fucker. Thereís Jethro Tull as well, the band that influenced Maiden. Punk man. Most interesting is the take on Sabbathís Changes. You know, the piano only one. The one that I would love to see them play live at the farewell gigs if I go. Or even if I donít go. Just for the little teensy weensy risk of it all. Well here itís done on bass, which is interesting. Bobby "Blitz" does a reasonable impersonation of the Ozzmeister (when is that being turned into an alcoholic drink by the way? Youíd have thought the Ozzman wouldíve cashed in on that little beauty given his past or can I copyright the idea now and earn millions!), but then it deterioates by bringing in the whole band. The beauty of the original was that it was piano and vocal and no more. Hereís itís almost turned into a power ballad. And thatís the most interesting!! Plenty of covers. Deep Purple, Manowar, Judas Priest and the likes. But next time, something Original eh?! Ta.


Thunderhead - Ugly Side.

Teb Bullet. With a vocalist sporting a name like that, thereís no prizes for guessing what this is about. Inoffensive 80s metal, thereís the powerchords such as on Liar and Rock Bottom, the "heart wrenching" ballad such as Blood, the pseudo thrash of 35 Minutes and the acoustic instrumental of High and Donít Care. Oh, and loads of guitar licks. Itís an indicator of how bland and predictable a genre of music can become. And in a way should serve as a warning to some of the current styles. Maybe I am turning my back on a form of music that I used to listen to, but it just serves to re-enforce why I like to listen to new things, different styles. Because the tried and trusted ways can be great and awesome. Or shite. Iím afraid that for me, this veers toward the latter.

Many claim grunge killed this sort of music, I thought thrash did. Iím a metal fan, and I donít mind admitting it. But when I hear stuff like this I tend to try and quickly point out that itís metal by my terms and definition, and I like punk hardcore and the lot. As redundant now as many nu-metal and hardcore bands will be in 10 years time.

Both on SPV Records.

Time then now for some Mogg/Way. And not Mogwai as the press release points out. Ah, thatís humour. I need a bit of a humour. ĎScuse me, just going for a quick chortle. Ahhhh. Better. Letís pop it in. The CD Iím talking about. Now, I best remember Pete Way for A) influencing the bass god that is Steve Harris, and B) cos his 80s band Waysted released what was actually a damn good album in Save Your Prayers which I lost and have never found since. Which I guess is why I call it lost. However, I never quite got the band this pair were more famous for, UFO. Wonder what that Mortiis chap thinks of the cover of this album. Likes it for the royalties I guess. Music. Well what do you reckon it sounds like? Go on, take a guess. Stop me doing all the work. But, if you guessed melodic hard rock, then pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a prize. 10 slabs of melodic hard rock in fact which at times reminds me of Magnum. Unfortunately, for all the quality on offer from these grizzled old campaigners, thereís nothing that reaches out and grabs the attention quite as it should do, and Jeruslam in particular just doesnít sit well with me. Too Close To the Sun brings to mind Whitesnake, maybe as much in the bluesy style vocals of Mogg. Tracks like King Of The City have the elements in place, but as my tastes have evolved over the years, something like this needs to be pretty special to make a mark, and this instead just exists.

Just been watching the Rugby World Cup. Wales won again. And observed the minutes silence for the victims of the Paddington Train Disaster perfectly. Unfortunately England supporters just let them down during their minute silence against the All Blacks. Nothing to do with the music, but as Iím watching it and typing this, I just felt I had to point that out. Sometimes you should just learn to shut up.

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