Raging Speedhorn demo. Todays mantra is "I will listen to this with an open mind. I will listen to this with an open mind. I will listen to this with an open mind." Letís just say there appears to be divided thoughts about this band. On one hand theyíre being lauded and championed. On the other, theyíre simply an Iron Monkey tribute band.

Uh huh, Superscud starts it. Yeah, you could say thereís an Iron Monkey influence there. Which of course means thereís some thick sludgy riffs here, that first surfaced within Sabbath and have been bastardised ever since into the variety of deformities we see today. It also means there are times when you want to put that rocket under the rhythm section again. But my main problem with the Monkey always lay in the vocals. Now, there is no logical reason why I couldnít like Morrows vocals and yet think Paul from Medulla is a great vocalist. No logical reason. It just comes down to personal taste. I hear different things going on which appeal or not to me. But anyway, the Monkey vocals I couldnít get a grip on, and it spoilt the music for me. Now RS have two vocalists. Well, thatís what theyíre telling everyone. Personally I find it extremely difficult to tell that. If there are two, theyíre aping each other (sorry, you have no idea how hard I tried not to put that line in there, but it had to be done, simply had to.) And that to me misses the point. Twin vocals? Then offset them, complement each other, variety and that sort of thing. They completely miss the opportunity as far as Iím concerned. I mean, there are times where they stray from the puritan yaaaaaay line, showing that thereís an inkling of them doing something different, but they just donít explore it enough for me. Maybe the alleyway is too dark and scary, but thereís two of them, they should find the strength and courage in each other. Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer shows that theyíve definitely got a handle on crazy crazy names. Dude. Though of course Knives and Random Acts spoil that one, and make you think from the titles that they want to be a Therapy? tribute. Which of course theyíre nothing like at all. But yeah, the Glue Sniffer has some good music, though Iím getting a little bored by the time Random Acts finishes. But I just read in Metal Hammer that they donít really know where they fit in musically or who they sound like. Ok, well I think I can help out there. Once upon a time there was a band called Iron Monkey with a Raging Speedhorn.

Yeah, I mean, if you like Iron Monkey or Charger, that sort of thing, then thereís no real reason you wonít like this, and if you need another fix, then try it. But be careful. Impure cuts can be lethal. Oh and go on, be really dangerous, try something a little bit different with the vocals. It really is getting a bit tiresome.

Contact: Black Island, 31C St Lukes Mews, London, W11 1DF.

Now weíve got a band called Honeytone Cody with a single called Pink and Clean. Strange name. But mmm, I like this. I dunno what style it is, Iíd say thereís a bit or rock, a bit of indie, a bit of pop in there, but thereís some nice riffs and ideas, and the vocals are nice. Ok, so itís female vocals again and yes, I can be a sucker for them, but on a track such as A Monster Of Me thereís just such a nice little melody there along with a nice riff. It all works well. And the vocals then add to it. Where a bloke singing may fail to prick the ears and lift the song, the female vocals manage it. Maybe thatís sexist, dunno, itís just what happens for me. Little things stand out and make you think, Iíll find out a little more, or, I wanna listen to that again.

Yeah, itís good, I like this one. Canít find any contact details though. Shame, cos I like this one.