Time after all that little lot for another demo methinks. So introductions on this one. Anti-Hero are from Ireland, and as far as Iím aware, this is their first demo. And for #1, they offer up 3 slices of the old melodicy punky sort of thing. The first thing that really strikes me is that the vocals donít have as much character as I think they should. Dunno, in a way itís kind of sung too much (yeah, I know, after all I say about bands not singing, but Iím a hypocrite). They feel like they need just a bit more grit to them, because at the moment itís kind of too clean. After a few plays you become accustomed to them, and itís not really a problem for this demo, but for the future a bit more oomph would be nice. But I guess thatíll come. Recording a first demo is probably pretty nerve wracking. Specially if itís done in a day, as they done in a day credit on here seems to indicate. The production sounds a little muffled and quiet, but imortant for me in this style of music is the bass, and it comes pumping through the mix, effectively driving the songs. Sorry Weíre All Sold Out is either an attack at the punk-police that say you canít be a success, or itís an attack by the punk-police saying you canít be a success. Itís a good song, but fades out repeating the chorus where it feels it shouldíve had a big fuck off ending. But Iím no songwriter so who am I to tell anyone how to end their song. My Sweet Revenge on the other hand opens with a guitar line that reminds me of early Joyrider or Flyscreen. And I loved Joyrider. Actually, I think I when Iím through with this one I might go and have a listen to some of their early EPs.

Itís all highly competant and sounds good to me. Of course whether itíll make any kind of dent with some people is a different matter. But itís also the perennial problem every band recording a demo faces.

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