BlowHoly - Not All There

Ah yeah, more BlowHoly. Look you ainít getting let off the hook that easily. If the big glossies can blanket coverage something, then so can I. Luckily this time itís being released on the Undergroove label, meaning it should be in the shops, meaning you lot can lay your hands on it, caress it and pay for it without having to go through the troublesome part of writing a letter and sending off (which can be a pain, trust me, Iíve gotten really really bad at it lately. Apologies to those people who I kind of said Ďyeah, Iíll write on the weekendí. I didnít say which weekend.) So anyway, yeah, new BlowHoly, should be in the shops, ace. So what more do you need to know? What it sounds like? I was coming to it.

Well, it sounds, like Blowholy.

More? God, itís always want want want from everyone isnít it! Ok, but it does sound like Blow Holy. Itís a compliment. Theyíve got their sound marked out, and if youíve ever heard one track by them before, youíll instantly recognise all the little traits. Itís different from just about everyone else at the moment. Thereís the warm 70s like guitar, bringing to mind Sabbath, the twisting dance oriented rhythms, somehow managing to merge both these things together in to one whole that actually works, and the vocals are still sufficiently in the background to make you force yourself to listen to whatís going on. Then you read the lyrics, and well, BlowHoly lyrics always make for highly entertaining, engaging, and confrontational reading. Thereís a degree of honesty within them that will scare the living daylights out of many people indulging within their own self importance within the music industry. Take Queen of the Empty Vessels, "Please feel free to tell me all the time about your boring life - just donít be surprised when I walk on by ... You love the sound of your own voice, it seems as youíre holding court. Loving how the little crowd are hanging on your every thought. It wouldnít be so bad if you had just a little modesty, but no, yoíve got to tells us how yours is the only way to be". Moron Majority opens, another viscious attack, and it features a chunkier rolling riff than previously, thereís also a classic riff moment about half way through. Reminds me of both The Beyond and very early Faith No More rolled into one. Which would be a musical dream come true for me. Altar Ego has other classic moments, and Basson Boy is pushing the boundaries a little more for them, thereís an almost spacey like solo at one point, even though their boundaries are already in a completly different position to just about everyone elses at the moment anyway. It wouldíve been nice if the drums were a little more dominant with the guitars, because thereís so many interesting little things going on in there. Thereís a bit more bass coming through than before as well, it gets a little close to funky on a few occassions. Blow Holy are about as unique as you get at the moment in music, and despite their claims to be selling out by putting this release out, theyíve managed to retain their uniqueness. Oh and those lyrics again, try out closer Quornography, all twisty and less heavy than the other tracks, but it packs a lyrical punch: "look at you, new-age fool, as if your sanctimoniou green bullshitís really gonna change the world, punk rock hair! such anarchy ... donít eat meat, reclaim the streets! different banner, same agenda, youíre all fucking middle-class pretenders, eco-warriors are here until they find a good career From hardcore direct action man to mere "vegetarian". Ouch.

Go on, do it, buy it, just for me. Please? See, I say you wonít. So prove me wrong, show me what a wanker I really am.

Hopefully this should be out soon on Undergroove Recordings: PO Box 172, Shrewsbury, SY3 9WL. You can, and should, always check out the BlowHoly website at give you all the details you need.