YAZ #12 - What's in it!

Trying something different here. The table of contents here is in the order the printed zine appears. So, if you follow from top to bottom, it'll be the same as reading from front cover to back. There are some references that only make sense if you've read other stuff, preceeding stuff. That's why I'm trying it this way. It may be more muddled, less structured than REVIEWS / INTERVIEWS / DEMOS sections, but hopefully it gives a bit more of a sense of the real zine.


Gig Review - Charity All Dayer. With Harmful Intent Zine

Reviews - Amen, Rico CDs

Reviews - Rothko cd. As Friends Rust / Spy versus Spy / Cusack gig review

Gig Review - One Car Pile Up / Consumed. Mindjuice and Lounge:Fly demos

theSTART interview

Jello Biafra. Descent demo.

Unfounded, Marine Research, Bardo Pond gig reviews

Reviews: Type O'Negative and Candlemass CDs

Reviews: Biohazard, Angelica CDs, Clutter demo

Clam Abuse Interview / Insight zine

Beyond Dawn, Opeth and Cubanate CD reviews

Sevendust, Today Is The Day CD reviews

Mr Bungle CD review

A rant. Charger CD review

Chasm Interview - It's coming

Imprint and D'Void demo reviews. Inimentor / Little Giant Drug CD review

Shallow and Sack Trick gig reviews

Cathedral and Funtime Records CD reviews

Huge Baby interview / mini rant

Biohazard gig review / some mini rants

Guess. It's a rant. Not a happy issue.

Reviews Testament, Serial Thrilla and Monkey Boy cds.

Megadeth / earthtone9 gig review

My Ruin gig review

Tarrie B reviews me in light of the My Ruin review. dBH single review.

Fracture and P101 zine reviews. Floor (now known as Hundred Reasons) demo review

Godspeed You Black Emperor and Consumed CD reviews

The majorly stressed the zine almost ended here rant.

Royal Hunt CD review, Spirit Caravan gig review

Overkill / Mogg/Way and Thunderhead CD reviews

Neurosis / Voivod / Today Is The Day gig review

My Dying Bride, MSG and the end of the Charger CD reviews

Violet Ultra, Best and Inhale CD reviews

Therapy? and Tribes Of Neurot CD reviews

Pitchshifter EP and NIN CD reviews

Unida and Cradle of Filth CD reviews

No Wings No Fins No Fuselage CD review, Caffeine gig review

Medulla Nocte gig review, Cracked Machine zine

Some praise, Atari Teenage Riot gig review

Fluid demo review, Cardiacs / Tence gig review

Out For The Count, Circle Again demo reviews

Demented Are Go gig review, Sally CD review, and more on the awesome Mr Bungle CD

Paul Rodgers CD review, Circle Again/Out For The Count/Diasphere gig review

Voivod Interview

Catharsis gig review, Meathook Seed CD review

Neurosis interview

Remaining 40 pages will be posted here during the rest of the week!