Cowboy Killers

Dai Laughing

Well, last time the missed it first time round section was so popular with me, I thought I'd do it again. Though with a difference. This isn't one I missed, but most people would have. Cos they wouldn't even know it existed.

So, bit of scene setting. Having originated from around the area myself, it's my duty to talk about Newport. Heard of it right! Dub War, Manics (not strictly Newport but so what), 60Ft Dolls, Stereophonics, Flyscreen, Catatonia. All that stuff coming out of the Newport scene. But see, people forget one of the bands that's been doing it since the start, regulars of the venue that is TJs, destined never to appear on Top of The Pops, the mighty punkers look like jerks from outer space ladies and gentlemen I give you The Cowboy Killers.

Punk as it used to be. Fast, chaotic, energy. Old School. I'm sure if they were american they'd be given some coverage somewhere over here, but they're not and they dont'. Anyway, this album was their third, been around since '93 and I've no idea if you can still get it. I only ever found CK stuff either on the market stall that vocalist Beddis worked on, or in one other shop in Newport. But it's a great little album. Short nuggets of punk. A Biafra influence to the vocals. Forget all this Green Day malarky, this is the 'real thing'. Hey sarcasm. And they used to do a blinding live version of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy. I kid you not.

But for all the larking around, there's some serious matter on this album. From child abuse in Family Traditions, to the need to be aware of the rise of Neo-Nazi sympathisers in Germany in Ostrich. There's also a take on Aaron, by Mr. Presley, and looks at life in general. You even get punk whistling on Acceptance. And anyone that does a lyric of I hate the way you walk, I hate the way you talk, I hate they way you look in my eyes is doing just fine by me.

Everything is reeled off in typical frantic punk pace, though this album, to my ears anyway, saw a little bit of a heavier, chuggier guitar sound being introduced. Maybe that was due to the arrival of then new guitarist Rob. Sometimes I guess the musicianship is ropey (but who am I to criticise there). But that doesn't matter. This is an album which is about the moment, not about perfection. Bit like life sometimes.

I heard rumours before that there is a new album out, but of course, if there is, then it's impossible to find outside of Newport. So, if you ever see it in the shops, or your local toilet says that the Cowboy Killers are third on the bill to someone else that you've never heard of, go and check them out. Cos they're fun. And they're Welsh.