Cynical Smile - Stupas

So the States is the only place that can offer up this metal rap whatever hybrid right? Bollocks. British bands can do it just as well, it's just that they don't get the press or the hype or whatever it is. And this album is a perfect example of that. Released on the Org label, the album does have throwbacks to Rage Against The Machine, but it's no clone or poor relation.

The performance is suitably intense, but with enough changes in pace not to allow things to drag. Songs like Scum and Live 4 have enough of a groove underpinning everything to carry you along. Gunga-din has a guitar effect which sounds to these ears reminiscent of Slayer, but most people would probably think of something completely different. And importantly, unlike some bands, the songs don't out stay their welcome .

Bottom line. If you're still looking for an album to convince you on this style of music, this isn't it. But if you want proof and evidence that it's not just America that produces class material, then definitely get hold of this.

Oh yeah, and live they are excellent and should be touring sometime in March.