Atari Teenage Riot - The Future of War.

Ok, this isn't strictly a new album. I believe it was released in 1997, that's if the date on the cover is to be believed. But, it's relatively new in my collection, as the result of hearing an ATR EP (thanks Brad). And it's pretty good, so I bought an album and hence now a review.

So, it's an intense as hell heavy techno affair. Well, that's the term I'm going to use, I'm sure there's actually a correct genre name to attach, but I'm ignorant of it.

The first 10 songs on here are immense pieces of energy. All sampled punk and metal, spliced with the furious beats that techno is (in)famous for. It gets the added twist of actual lyrics, shouted out with energy, giving a humane touch which I tend to find lacking normally. The final 5 tracks seem to drag, but that's in part because of the intensity. Sometimes you just need a break.

Pick of the songs has to be Destroy 2000 years of culture, due in no small measure to that Slayer sample that rampages throughout everything.

If you like what the Prodigy are doing, or Junkie XL, and want to take it an intense step further, then give this a go. But then, if you like that stuff, you've probably tried it already.