King Prawn - Fried in London

It's seemingly been a long time coming this one. But it's here at last, and the nation can rejoice in the lunacy that is The Prawn. Oh, and, some might say just as importantly, in the great songs that can be found etched into this CD. Cos great songs they are. Mixing up ska, punk, hardcore and reggae, the Prawn have the knack of finding a tune out of all this, not allowing it to outstay its welcome, and at the same time, generating a sound that is all their own.

It's good. It's very good. It's a real Tour De Prawn. And live it's even better.

First single off the album, Not Your Punk, is a ska'd up belter of a song. If you can skank, then you will be. The rest of us just go “yeaaahhhh, I'm not your punk, no I'm not that punk ... d d d d d d d d d” (Imagine that the 'd' is a skanky guitar sound).