In The Shit

Well, while I was at home for a couple of days, I popped a few copies of this here zine to a place in Newport, where one of the people responsible for putting on many of the gigs at TJs works. While there, I was given a copy promo (I think) single of a new Cowboy Killers track (see elsewhere). At the same time, one of the guys from In The Shit (sorry, don't know which one, forgot to ask!), gave me a copy of their first single, just in case I did actually review stuff.

And so here it is. Told you it would get done. And you know what, I do like it. Old school punk / hardcore, it has a garagey production that just suits it. And I'd forgotten the fun singles can provide. Brown vinyl, five tracks, great stuff. Best song is What Happened To You. I also like CCTV, which starts out slowly, before picking up the speed. But it shows that the band have talent, and the ability to do something more. Not all three chord wonders. Probably not going to get them on Top of the Pops, especially with the lyrical matter of most of the songs, but that doesn't matter. It's about bands doing it for themselves, which was surely the punk ethic anyway, something which seems to have been lost on many during the fight to 'outpunk' each other. If you're interested, which if you like old school punk/hardcore, then you should be, you can get in touch at :

Holly Cottage, 1 Manleyroad, Newport, NP9 4JY.

That , and about 2 quid, should allow you to sort out getting a copy of this.