Cowboy Killers - Sweet

Well, there will be another album. It's done and dusted, just trying to sort out a few problems before it can be released. But, in the meantime, this is a “single” from it. I think it was a 500 press release. Something like that. But, well, it's a typcal CK's tune, and a bit of a belter. The chorus “round and round and round and round we go” sticks in the mind after just one spin, and you can imagine a circular pit starting up each time. Ok, I can imagine it. You'll just have to believe my imagination.

Also present is the famed CK's “oh ohhh oh” style part. Some things don't change, and sometimes things are better for no change.

If this is representative of the quality of the album, then it's going to be a great album, and you can be certain that this won't be the last time they get mentioned in here. Apparently, the distribution for the album should be much better as well, so keep your eyes peeled sometime in the near future. Which may be painful, but well, it has to be done.