A set of links to band pages that are recommended. Some of them may well be the bands featured in this issue of the zine. Others of stuff I've found or been recommended. I make no attempt to verify the link once this issue has been launched. I just don't have the time to do it. So, if a link doesn't work, then apologies.

If you want a link to your band page in future issues, then let me know. This is mainly limited to band pages though, not just ordinary home pages. Or on-line zines. Or labels etc. Basically, anything that is promoting good music.


Absolute Bloom



Human Waste Project The best site.

System of a Down Official Site




Record Labels

Alternative Tentacles Record Label.

On Line Record stores

Alice's Records

Miscellaneous other things

Live From The RoadRoad updates from bands such as Far, Incubus, COC and more.