Lockdown - The LDP

Well, last issue I mentioned this bunch of oiks in a gig review, and that they'd impressed me enough to get the CD while I was at it. So now the review.

In the gig review, I mentioned that it seemd like the band had swallowed a heavy does of the Korn drink. And that's evident on the CD as well, although to be fair, there does seem to be a little more variety in there.

It's basically a scene CD. If you like this sort of stuff, Korn, Rage, Downset hardcore etc, then there's absolutely no reason why you won't like this. If you don't, then I don't know that it's the album to convince you otherwise.

There are 8 tracks on offer, with the final one suffering the infamous BONUS TRACK syndrome, which is the band doing an acapella version of Stand By Me. Which at least prooves, as if it was needed, that there's a sense of humour underlying things.

You can get hold of this either at a shop (doh!), or via Household Name records.