So much going on at the moment with interviews, there's barely enough time for reviews. So, a couple of mini ones of stuff which I thoroughly (or not) recommend but don't have space to do full reviews of. Maybe in future editions.

One Minute Silence - Available in all Colours.

If you like the rap metal hybrid, then go and buy this album. It's a corker. If you don't like the rap metal hybrid, go and buy this album. It's a corker. I've said a few times before with bands, that if you're not into that particular genre, then that isn't the album to convince you otherwise. If you're not into rap metal, this may be the album to convince you. Underlying everything is the fact that there's a bunch of ace songs. They've been compared to RATM. I don't rate RATM. This album pisses all over them. Highlights, South Central, Stuck Between a Rock and A White Place, Remain Calm, More Violent Approach. The whole thing. And they are an amazing live band. And they know how to talk. Watch out for THE interview. Get a safety helmet before you read it, you'll need it.

Breed 77 - Message CD single.

Pantera like vocals are what stick in the mind the most about this, which is a bit unfortunate, because musically it's good. The vocals are good as well, but just remind too much of Anselmo. There are a few times though when there's enough variation to suggest that they can overcome things. If they want to. A good start, and they should be good live. Available via Household Records if you can't find it in the shops, or Sean at Org.

Liberty 37 - No Beauty EP.

Part of Org Records monthly EP series. They were Travis Inc, then Applecore, now Liberty 37. 4 good tracks, very solid. Been compared to Rollins/Sugar by many. Bit smoother than that in my opinion. After witnessing them live last night, the emo tag also seems appropriate, if tags ever are. Expect an interview soon. Songs are unspectacular on first listen. But after a couple of listens, they worm the way under the skin. And of course, Take It Like A Man, first featured on the Organ Radio cd, still contains the bastardised Paranoid riff. Once more, available from that man Sean at Org. Write to him. Check out the fine stuff they have on offer. And tell him that he should release the lost 2nd Atom Seed album. Cos I want it.

Bad Religion - No Substance.

Many seem to think this is the best BR album since Suffer. Personally, it doesn't hit me quite as much as Stranger Than Fiction did. It's a solid set of BR songs, but without the certain something that makes them stand out from the rest. Maybe I need to listen to it a bit more, but there's been a bunch of other stuff which has just grabbed my fancy more. And that's a shame, cos I look forward to a new BR dosage.

Fugazi - End Hits

Not normally overly keen on Fugazi, but this album has really grown on me after a few listens. Maybe it's a bit mellower in some respects. But there's some great songs on here, and some really great basslines, which is something I always like. Well, being a frustrated bass player I would say that.

I guess if you love Fugazi, you already have this. If you don't, but have been curious for a while as to what they sound like, give this one a shot. Mackaye's Dischord label keeps the prices cheap. If you pay a tenner for it in Virgin, you're paying too much. I bought it for under 7 quid. Take the chance.

Area 51 - Digital Zero / Overload

This is basically a fantastic value for money hardcore compilation. 2 CDs, about 150 minutes of music, 50 odd bands, and it cost me 9 quid. There's a lot of name bands on here, such as Strife, Will Haven, Earth Crisis, Breach, Vision of Disorder etc. So if you're a hardcore afficiando, then you may have a lot of the stuff, but if you're interested in dipping the toes to see how hot the hardcore water is, then this is as good an intro as I've seen.

One problem is that it may be too long, especially at first sitting. Best to break it up a little bit. Take things easy while you acclimatise

Highlights? Well, You best pick your own really. That's what it's all about

That Org contact address.

Org Records Ltd. Unit 212, The Old Gramaphone Works, 326 Kensal Road, London W10 5BZ.