Review Policy

(Read if you have a demo or before you complain about the lack of stuff in here).

Well, basically the zine covers most things I hope. Rock, metal, punk, hardcore,twistedschizoidfunkaraggamuffin and all it's mutant cousins. it doesn't really matter. Labels just tend to be a convenience. But, pretty much everything reviewed in here I have to buy. As it stands at the moment, I don't get freebies or advances from labels or anything. So, it tends to be something I buy in the hope I'll like. But if I don't, then I can feel justified in criticising.

Some people have passed stuff on to me, and to those people I try to offer thanks in the appropriate place.

If you want your demo reviewed, then you'll have to send it to me. I haven't always got the time and money to go searching for everything, even if I'd like to. Buying CDs, tickets for gigs, paper, image unit for the printer to produce the paper version of this zine etc costs me enough. I may not be a “proper zine” without all the obscure demo reviews, but I'm not fucking loaded either. For bands with demos or wanting coverage and help, it's a two way relationship with a zine. You have to help them as well as they help you.

But, well, if I don't like it, I won't include it. I don't want to go slagging stuff that people have produced, because even if it's not to my taste, or very good in my opinion, it's still better than anything I can do, and shouldn't totally be put down as a result. After all, if I could, I'd be producing music instead of making half assed attempts to write about it. Also, if I really like something, then I'll feature it as often as possible.