The End Bits

Where things are tidied up, and I try desperately to avoid lawsuits. Boring boring boring. Anyway, ever onwards.


Well, I still like it, so I claim that it's not someone who walks into a record shop and asks for a disc!

All spelling mistakes are intentional and on purpose, designed to test your skill of observation and not down to stupidity on my behalf. Well, not all the time. Factual mistakes are usually mine, but could be blamed on the computer, or the goverment, or just the little green men.

The views are my own, except those expressed by other people. If you disagree with them, fine. But remember, it's only an opinion, everyone's entitled to it, and it's a semi-free country. But does it really matter?


As ever, the bands for their time and patience in enduring interviews with less than brilliant questions.

The people who I don't know but whose pics I borrow.

Andy A (again) for asking for the Therapy? int.

Sean at Org for help and advice (and releasing some bloody good stuff, check it out).

dBh for not being as intimidating as I was expecting. Gorilla for still talking to me, and all the people who have or are helping me out with giving this little beast away.

See you all in another month. (Remember a month in YAZ terms, may not be a calender month in Earth terms)


Right, if you want to mail me, then click here. If you want something reviewed, send me a message and I'll sort out the details with you.