Katfight - Violet Feline Movements demo

Katfight - Violet Feline Movements demo

Hmmm, got to be honest, I'm not really convinced or into this. I don't know that I should comment, but well, there may well be others that like this.

When I was given the tape, I think I was told it was something sleazy, but with industrial like overtones.

Never was one for sleaze much, cos to me it equalled glam, and that just wasn't my bag. And that's what I get coming through here. And a few too many guitar solos.

I guess it is fairly modern, but there's a sense that they maybe wish the mid 80s were still around. Which is fair enough, cos despite the bollocks spoken by many bands these days about those "bad old days", there was some good stuff around. Fuck it if it's not trendy these days. Where were all those punks and hardcore kids in the 80s? If everyone that claims to have been hardcore then actually was, then those gigs would've been packing arenas, and metal bands would've been confined to playing to an audience in a dustbin. It wasn't like that.

But still, this demo, though making up in a 90s guise, hints that they are still fond of the 80s, so for the honesty you have to respect that.

It's also got 6 tracks for your money, of which I don't know how much you need to send. Couple of quid normally seems to do the trick.

And Elegance does have a guitar part that is annoying in the "damn, it sticks in the mind" sort of way. Which is usually a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

It's well played, but it's just not stirring anything anywhere for me at the moment.


Katfight 43 Victoria Road Sherwood Nottingham NG5 2NA.

Tel : 0115 962 2276