Medulla Nocte - A Conversation Alone

First one word album review I've done.


What, you want more than that? Sheesh, some people are just hard to please. Or convince. Well, ok then.

There’s a lot of bands that live can generate an intensity and groove which they never even begin to come near capturing in the studio. Medulla have somewhow managed it. This is a tough album. Brutal. Whatever words you wish to use to describe something this heavy and extreme. It’s also classy as hell.

It’s heavy. Fast. In the face. Opinionated, shouty and with an attitude, yet lyrically with intelligence, and some humour (Hooked on masturbation). But, it has good songs as well. Even though it doesn’t strike of subtlety the first time you hear it, or see them, there is subtlety in there. The second time I saw them live, I still didn’t have the album, but, I recognised all the songs they played. That doesn’t happen very often with me.

The subtlety is in there because you can identify different things. Different songs. It’s a blur, but it’s not. It contradicts itself. Yes, Paul shouts. A lot. But there’s enough variety there to keep even me happy, to break things up. Shh, say it quietly, but you can make out the lyrics as well a lot of the time. It all ensures that, well, if you do listen to any hardcore, then you should be able to appreciate that it doesn’t all sound the same. Maybe that’s what makes it so good in my opinion.

Musically it’s tight. Fast accurate drums from Jammer, locking in with Bone’s bass, and bloody impressive back up barks, and Neal’s guitar, adding all the little touches that it deserves.

And it’s British. Oh yeah. Think the UK can’t hold it’s own. Think again. Better still, get along to one of the gigs, watch it, get the CD, go home, put it on, and then watch as a new door appears in your wall, as you are systematically blown through it.

It’s pretty much the live set at the moment. 9 songs. 32 minutes. Some music isn’t designed to outstay it’s welcome. Sometimes it can be too much. The trick then is to know when to stop. Medulla know how. Shame Soulfly didn’t.

Some people may be familiar with the first single, All Our Friends Are Dead. It’s been on compilations as well. And it’s great. And it’s also not the best song on here. So if you’ve heard that song, and like it, then that’s the only recommendation you should need to go and get this. Hooked On Masturbation has a classic intro. Not a bad song either. All That I Ask, which finishes the album, has the atmospherics added that Machine Head would be proud of. Spat On is a classic opener, A Conversation Alone features an intro which is sure to find a place in the heart of many of the moral majority with it’s proclamation of Today I think I’ll kill myself, it’s what the Voices tell me

Britain likes to pride itself on quality. Anyone remember the British Kite mark for quality and safety? Just been awarded to Medulla Nocte. How good is it? Well, as far as I’m concerned, the challenge is now down to “the big boys” like FF, Machine Head, Seps etc to come up with something to beat this for all round sheer intensity and quality.

Had to nick the pics from the CD as well. Well, you have to see the people responsible for this work of noise don’t you. Yes, you do. No go see them live.

Or, you can try and get hold of the Org CD, the or the Household Name records compilations that they’ve been on.

And just to destroy the image, they’re not half as scary as they sound. Now someone give them the chance on say the next Fear Factory tour.

So, that’s One Minute Silence, Pulkas, Breed 77, Liberty 37, Bullyrag, King Prawn, and Cynical Smile at least that have all released something bloody good in the last few months. Britain ain’t so bad after all is it!