Milque - Dufus demo tape

This is a great demo in my opinion. And I’m not just saying that because it was the first thing I received at the new house apart from bills and a letter from me mum (thanks mum). Nope, it’s because it’s bloody good. Good songs, good performance.

According to the bio, they’ve only been together about 7 or 8 months. That’s kind of scary. I thought it was maybe the first demo, but I’ve got some other tracks on a tape from another demo somwhere (thanks Rae). Anyway, what about this one.

Well, what you get is 5 tracks, with 2 versions of Deal With It, one being from a CD the band feature on.

They’re also another band where there’s a couple of ladies in the band. I love that. Let’s see more of it. Especially women singing. It can really add that little something different. And to the people who think women can’t sing this sort of music, or play in it in general, fuck off back to your caves. The more the better. The more diverse bands, multi-cultural, multi-racial bands the better. I sometimes doubt that music can break down social stereotypes, but, well, I’d love to see it happen. Sorry, nothing to really do with the demo. Let’s get back to that shall we.

There is definitely a strong sense of Tura Satana and Human Waste Project in here. Especially in the vocals from Zoe. The thought of Aimee was running through my head a few times. No, not like that. Dirty minded bastards. I mean in that there’s a freshness about the vocals, but still an attitude and enough aggression. Those little changes, switching style. Avoiding one dimension.

There’s plenty of melodies in everything, the vocals holding it all together, turning the music into great songs. And there’s some great music going on there as well. Some nice riffs courtesy of Colin on guitar. Some sound familiar. Sometimes I think that’s a good thing, as it can often mean it’s merely a good riff because it sounds right. And when it sounds right, then it sounds familiar. Nice changes of speed as well, driven by the rhythm section of Duncan on drums and Kaye on bass, something say Korn are, in my opinion, guilty of not doing. Much to their detriment. And there’s a couple of moments where the bass sounds particularly heavy in a Jeff from HWP manner. Ouch.

Musically, there are the odd Korn style riffs in there as well. And a hint of Machine Head to these lugsters. But, well, it might just be my mind, in fact it probably is, but I thought I detected a hint of Faith No More’s Ashes to Ashes riff at the begining of Deal With It. There’s also a sense of dynamics to the songs, and there’s enough different styles and moods going on. There’s also some bloody neat choruses, which should draw you in after the first couple of listens.

Anyway, the songs. Right, uh, Target has set up residence in my head and refuses to leave. It’s kinda familiar, with great hooks and all that sort of gubbins. Excellent opening track. Deal With It, well I’ve mentioned it already, and it keeps the quality. Nightmare shows a different side of things, gentler kind of thing, before My Thoughts for the Day ends it all on another upbeat note. Apart from the ‘other’ version of Deal With It.

All in all, I am really impressed by this. Like I said, if they’ve only been together a few months, then it can only get better. And it’s bloody good already. But it like this, I’ve played this demo more than I’ve played the Tura album. Or the Limp Bizkit one, or the Coal Chamber. I just hope that they are able to dodge some of the less auspicious comparisons and criticisms that any band receives when the word Korn is used. It’s becoming a bit of a venus flytrap for bands, probably in the same way being said to sound like Nirvana was a couple of years ago. This isn’t Korn, or HWP or Tura Satana. This is Milque. Those are just reference points. If those bands appeal to you, then check Milque out. If they dont, then look past it, because reference is all it is. Better still, write to them and get a copy of the demo. Then you can make up your own mind.

Hopefully they can live up to things when they play live. They currently doing some gigs, mainly around the North of England. If I actually remember, and manage to get my arse into gear, they’re playing Leeds Duchess on July 13th, and I’ll be able to judge for myself. And if I do, you can read about it soon. And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to sort out some kind of interview like thing.

The UK comes up trumps again. Shocker. Now do the honourable thing, get out a pen and paper, sit down, write some words and send off for the demo. The address you need is :

Milque, c/o 5 recreation View, Holbeck, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 0AP.

There was no cost indicated, but, like most demo bands, I’m sure that an SAE and maybe a couple of quid would be much appreciated, and it isn’t really much is it? Alternatively, if pens and paper scare you, but technology excites, then do the decent thing with your web browser, stop going to those dodgy sites, and look up this one instead:

Milque Web Site