NOFX / Dancehall Crashers / Consumed

Nottingham Rock City

May 29 1998

Ok, I'm going to try and contain myself on this one, but there is a chance that I'm going to pull out the soapbox, stand on it, and have a nice old rant. In fact the first mini-rant is coming now.

Well, doors opened at 7pm. Early show. So I forgot to check the ticket. Anyway, getting there at 7.40, there was STILL a queue and the first band, Consumed were already on. Get it sorted people.

Anyway, to Consumed. I'd thought Consume, who are an Irish RATM like band. These weren't. They were an English FatWreckChords(esque) band. Not badd. Nothing truly outstanding. Well, apart from song title of the night. A Twat Called Morris, dedicated to the singer and his “bro” stepfather. Who's dead. You can imagine how it goes. And finishing up with Ace of Spades. An interesting one. Yeah, I know. Motorhead were the only metal band that punks liked. Boring cliche crap. A lot of modern punk has a large dollop of metal. Just get used to it. Open the mind and accept.

Dancehall Crashers. Knew nothing about them. Neither, I think, did the majority of the crowd, as evidence by the way they suddenly perked up when 2 females made their way on stage to sing. I guess it sounded to me like your typical Ska / Punk band, though with the emphasis definitely more on the Ska. Some of those bands stand out and are great, the others exist. On first listen, DHC exist. Weren't bad, but didn't really move me.

And so NOFX. Right, let's get a few things sorted from the start. Yes, my first NOFX album was Punk ... From there it was a trip back through time to try and pick up the earlier stuff. My faves remain Punk and Heavy Pettin ... No, I've not seen them before, combinations of moving to a different part of the country to where they play, and me car getting stolen prevented it. So live I have nothing to compare them against, save the live album of course.

So anyway, I was pleased to see them. As was, I thought, everyone else. The place was packed like I've not seen in a long long time. Way busier than Soulfly last week. Probably the last one I remember like this would be Faith No More a year ago. And they're given a heroes welcome as they step on the stage.

It starts with the obligatory five minute chat. Great to be back in the UK. We've not rehearsed, we're going to suck real good. I hear this place was voted the best ROCK club in the UK. We've never played in a best ROCK club before. And more.

Eventually they start, and well, there's no point me even trying to begin to remember everything they played. Let's just say lots. After a few songs they stop for Fat Mike to complain about the spitting at him. Hey, you realise we're not playing London anymore? Nah we're not. The reason? Cos they always spit at us.. So some clever cunt continues. Look really, I'm trying to have a good time, but if you spit, we're not playing. Simple as that. If you want to spit, get up here on stage and spit at me. I'll kick your ass. It seemed like on person was going to do it, but stopped after FM spat in his face instead.

The songs continue, including the 6 songs, 3 minutes. Except it was 6 songs, 3 1/2 minutes because of some incident. Murder the Goverment, Fuck the Kids, Linoleum. God I can't remember it all.

Ok, a rant's coming.

Then, THEN, some !@@#@#$!@$ near me starts off. Fucking wish I'd never come. Fuck off. Fuck off. They play one song every five minutes. Fuck off. They're just going through the motions. Fuck off, fuck off.. Throughout the rest of the gig. Look, let's sort this. Everyone has a right to enjoy the gig. Or not as the case may be. Fine. Not in question. But, BUT, when you're fucking it up for others, that's out of order. If you don't like it, piss off. Go and complain to the management. Go and tell Fat Mike. Get onstage and tell him. Exercise your right to your opinion. Be individual. But, do not, DO NOT, be a fucking individual by hiding towards the back of a hall packed with 2000 people, so that you don't actually stand out. Man, the guy was getting on my nerves. Yeah, I could've said something, others eventually did. But let's just say that some people can say something and it's accepted. With my face and appearance, and they way I normally look, (pissed off with the world), it's more than likely going to end in a fight. I don't like violence, don't want to get kicked out and miss the gig, and yeah, he may have kicked my arse. But man, just don't go fucking it up for the rest. I mean, I said at the begining I'd not seen them before to be able to compare them against past performances. I guess this guy had. But from where he was stood, and the time he gave them, he wasn't really able to judge, at least I don't think so. It's not like the people where I was standing were down in the front, in the action, a whir of limbs. We were stood watching. Moaning that Poision Idea are better is pointless. Fuck the past. Accept the present and the future.

Yes, I could've moved. But, there just wasn't really anywhere for me, and all the people I think he was pissing off, to move too, because the place was packed.

I know, I'm ranting about him. same as he did. Well, yeah, I'm exercising my rights, like him, but, BUT I'm doing it in a way which isn't spoiling it for others. If you don't like what I write, then don't read it. But I'm not fucking anything up for anyone here. Sorry, rant over, for now. Boy that irritated me. Anyway, the rest of the set occured. Don't Call Me White, couple of new songs. One was about our friend Paul. Comes to see us every year, and always falls. It was called Paul's falling down the Stairs again. Another one is about the security who were over zealous. He's got too much testosterone. Songs about drinking. Chants of you fat bastards. Hey man, I lost weight. I've stopped eating at McDonalds. You're hurting my feelings - El Hefe. A couple of fuck ups.

A slow instrumental, forgot the name now, off So Long ... really gets on Pissed Off man's nerves. I never actually realised the song had a continual lyric of Fuck Off, but the way Pissed Off man was getting into it, then I guess it must've done.

Oh some more stuff. Most of the set culled from Punk, Heavy and So Long. Interesting that isn't it? Got the best reaction. And as most long time NOFX fans would probably say, it's the most metal of the stuff. Hmmm. Um, which song finished the main set? Fuck, I forgot. I had it in my mind when I left the gig.

Anyway, they're quickly back, and after a tuning delay, we get um, oh yeah, Lori Meyers and The Brews. FatMike announces that contrary to rumours, they are enjoying touring and this isn't the last tour. And um, it was over I think.

Well, I thought it was great. A bit of a blur in some parts. Crowd not as over zealous as I expected, but hey.

And then, the way out. Another mini rant. Ok, Rock City, if you're reading this, and I know you do sometimes. Sort something out. 2000 people trying to leave, while another X100 are being let in for student night, via 2 small doors isn't a smart move. To the wankers behind me pushing down the stairs shouting to put one foot in front of the other. If there's no space in front, then you can't do it. I don't intend trying to break my neck falling down the stairs trying to get out. Fuck off. The guy who decided to jump down the stairs over the rails instead. May you break your neck next time. Rant over.

Thankyou, and goodnight.