Pepperman - PC demo

Got hold of this for only a quid from the man with an Org (Sean) whose not afraid to use it. Hmmm. Anyway, a new offering from yet another Southend based band. I guess Southend = UK Hardcore, but, as ever these days, there's a little more to it than that.

There's a couple of times where Rollins springs to mind, but that's not really a benchmark for this.

3 Tracks on offer, with first track, P.C setting the tone, where, if you listen a few times, there's a good song in there. It's not all shouty, but solid and well constructed. Maybe that means it's unspectacular, but really, so are most things. Shell Shocked is next up, with it's refrain of "when I'm loaded, there's no empty chamber". Final track, Hangnail is maybe the best track on here and sets the seal on a fine demo.

They've already been on the Org CDs, and if this is any example to go by, they deserve to be on a damn sight more in the future. Really, this is such a good demo I should write more about it, but I can't think of the words at the moment. Bit of a blockage I guess. So, do me a favour and help me out by picking up a copy of this, and get the Liberty 37 EPs while you're at it. See what the UK can produce.

Org, Unit 205, The Old Gramaphone Works, 326 Kensal Rd, London W10 5BZ