Sack Trick - (Music From) The Mystery Rabbits

What a great album. The man Sean at the Org does it again. This is just pure fun. Juvenile, yeah, sometimes. Fun, yeah, pretty much all the time. Angst ridden. Nope. Something to put a grin on your face. Yep.

Check out some of the titles. I Play Bass. The Turd That Wouldn’t Flush. No Tomatoes For Me Thanks, Math’s Teacher’s Words of Wisdom, Hiring Camels, Blue Ice Cream.

This album is a throwback in many ways to the early nineties. The era when the Faith No More ruled the planet. Some people hate the dreaded term, Funk Metal. Well, the funk is here. Metal? You decide. But it’s a sense of fun. It’s not tuned down until it’s just a rumble. It’s lively, fun. Music as enjoyment. What a novel concept.

It’s also a bit of a collective this one, featuring as it does, the remnants I believe of what was Bruce Dickinson’s Skunkworks, Pete Friesen ex-Almighty, some blokey from Rachel Stamp, and an assorted collection of other people.

If you’re looking to take a break from your collective angst, and it really is advisable to, even I do sometimes, then check out this album. Approach with an open mind, open arms, and a sense of fun.

And then enjoy. I suspect a spliff might go down nicely with this as well, but as I don’t smoke them meself, I’m not in a position to make a real comment there.

Personally well I have to pick out I Play Bass as the track on the album. Cos it kinda sums up my musically ability. Well, apart from not actually being able to play the bass either.

I can’t get a job cos I can’t get out of bed,

I can’t go to college, cos I’ve nothing in my head,

I can’t play drums and I can’t really sing

I’ve tried to play guitar, but it’s got farr too many strings,

I play bass.

Inspirational. Well, at least it is for me. At least I know there’s others out there with the same musical inabilities as me. Ok, so they’re actually recording a fucking good album, but still, it’s the thought that counts.

Now, let’s see if I can get in touch and sort out some kind of interview. Cos it probably ain’t going to be sensible.

Actually, you can try the same address I will, that’s

Sack Trick, PO Box 16432, London W6 0ZQ.