Soulfly - Soulfly

Ok, let’s get a sense of perspective. Max ain’t God. Sorry, but he ain’t. He’s a musician, a guy who comes across as very honest and forthright in his opinions, so though he’ll never read this anyway, I figure that in following this tradition, I can be honest and forthright in mine.

Soulfly is a successor to Roots. If follows on from the direction established by that album. You can’t help but acknowledge that even if it is something which you wish to deny. It’s not a totally new sound. And it’s not thrash like Max’s roots. It is simply a logical follow on. The tribal percussion and rhythm. No guitar solos. That new style metal guitar sound. And there is nothing wrong with it being that. Thing is however, Roots never grabbed me. Some good songs on there, but overall as an album, it was simply too long. Yeah, plenty of aggression. Yes it seemed passionate. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to great music.

I consider Soulfly better, because although at times it suffers from some of the same problems, it’s an easier album to digest as a whole. Though I recommend a knife and fork and cutting it up into little pieces. And a touch of seasoning as well. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a sell out. Or more commercially viable. Maybe just that the song writing is a bit better and more focussed.

It’s very much a now album as well, which is evident from the number of contributors, and the scene from which they come. Getting that out of the way, most people have focussed on Chino’s contribution. The star though is officially Benji from Dub War. That voice. I’ve grumbled a few times in the past about the vocals on some albums, saying it should be mixed up more, and that the shout sometimes is just a bit too much, and something different would be nice. Thankyou to Benji for proving the point in a much better way than I will ever be able to on the track Prejudice.

Actually, it could be the many varied contributions from other artists that helps make it more digestable. Which is a bit of a bugger really, because it’s also a bit which bugs me. That something which makes it good, is also what makes it bad. Nasty. The use of so many “current name” people on the album does leave a taste in the mouth. Ok, it does if your a cynical bastard like me.

Personally, my thoughts are that this, like Roots before it, like quite a few Metallica albums, and many other bands, would’ve been better if it was shorter. Yeah, it’s great having over an hours worth of music, but only if it’s all great. If not, well, someone once said LESS IS MORE, and that’s something that may well apply here.

And yep, probably applies to this zine as well for all the smart bastards who don’t like my views.