Zebrahead - Zebrahead

Ok, so I know I’ve been on all issue, and previous ones, about getting behind UK bands etc, but now I’m allowed to be a hypocrite again. so it’s the American band alert again.

So anyway, Zebrahead. This is really a bastard, cos half the things that I usually whinge about are contained within this band. So I should hate them. And I don’t. Far from it. They’re bloody good.

Anyway, details that I know are that they are a five piece formed in 1996, the music is a blend of hardcore, hip-hop etc. Well, like I said, you know the score. But somewhere in here is something different that just manages to set them apart as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, what I have is a self-titled CD. Comes in a yellow case. None more Yellow anyone? Anyway, I should stop using the word anyway. But anyway, it’s basically 10 tracks, the first 8 being demos, the last couple recorded live.

There’s definitely a dollop of Kornesque guitar squeals, but, it get’s offset by Mr Bungle like riffs (early Bungle that is). There’s also a hip-hop vocal, probably one of my main gripes these days. But where some bands fall into the trap of only having the one vocal style, Zebrahead overcome by having a second vocalist who has a more ‘rock’ oriented voice, which offsets things and pacifies me.

And there’s other little things that do it. There’s a few drum machine loops.

And topping it all, there’s some great catchy songs.

Ah, that important little concept of songs. 10 tracks, 27 minutes. No outstaying the welcome. Which is nice.

Opening track Check, is a prime example of the way the band seems to work. All Korn squeals, hip hop vocals, and then the chorus hits in. The vocal changes, and though I can’t figure out the words, it’s infectious.

We’re something, nah nah nah ne nah, we’re something nah nah nah nah ne nah.

And that’s how it continues. The second track, All I Need, sets you up for Maiden’s run To The Hills with the drum intro. But of course, it never arrives. But because it’s short, it doesn’t outstay the welcome. Just sits in there and makes itself at home in your brain.

But don’t expect heavy. It isn’t really heavy at all. Just good music. Good songs. Something a few bands have been woefully short of on recent albums.

Another of the standout tracks is Walkaway. Same formula I guess. But it just feels so much fresher than a lot of the other stuff that is perverying the scene at the moment.

So, if you’re into the hip-hopy thing Like Limp Bizkit etc, check it out. Except they’re better than the Limp ones.

Not seen it in the shops. I got it from Alices Records, who advertise in Kerrang! MH etc.

Alternatively, check the web site