Girls Against Boys

Leicester Charlotte

May 29 1998

Well, the adds had said that a band called Delta 72 were supporting. For whatever reason, they didn't. Instead there were two others I'd not heard of. Firstly Kookaburra (I think), and then Superior. The K band were the better one. Superior kind of annoyed me. Lambasting "someone" in the crowd each time between songs for whatever they thought was said, it just seemed like a bit of a put up job, to show some attitude. And the bit where the guitarist apologised sorry, we don't play out of date metal riffs is something that will be a future spleen in YAZ.

Anyway, I wasn't there for them, I was there for GVsB. The new album, Freak*On*Ica has taken a little bit of time to settle in with me, but it's begining to get there now. And tonights showing helped re-inforce this. They seemed a little more relaxed onstage than in the past, Eli holding a megaphone (I think) to his mouth as they came onstage saying Johnny Temple to the stage please, Johnny Temple to the stage as the errant bassist arrived. The megaphone was later passed out for anyone to join in saying something. Though it never really got taken up.

Anyway, Park Avenue opens proceedings, followed by another track from Freak (I forgot which one now), then they slip into the House album. Disco 666, X-Rated Car, TheKind.... it got an extensive airing, more than anything else actually. Which was surprising, but maybe when Freak is a little older, they'l concentrate more on that.

I was looking around thinking, "They should be in much bigger places than this", but, in all fairness, nothing has really changed with them, and it's nice to have a band in such an intimate setting. Maybe one day they'll be able to forgo these places, and that should be good for them. But for now, it's time to catch on to the ride and just enjoy being pulled along.

Roxy is a belter of a song on the album, and so it is live. It sums them up. Scotts nicotine soaked voice, Eli backing it, complementing. That bass. The keyboards. It's just so glorious. Of course In Like Flynn is glorious as well, and we're treated to that. One Firecracker and a couple more, and Kill The Sexplayer finishes it. The lights go on, as it's passed last orders. The band play the encore in complete light, a bizarre contrast to their initial appearance onstage when they ask for the lights to be turned down a bit. More darkness. So it's a bit of strange ending, but end it did.

Who knows what's going to happen with the Freak album. They've got the major label deal, but will it really change things. I don't know. I hope so. And I don't.