Rucksacks - A Partial Apology.

Well, last YAZ, the lovely rucksack was the target of a little bit of my spleen. But after the Ozzfest, a partial retraction is in order. Oh please, control your minds!

Anyway, I guess in some exceptional circumstances they do have some value. But only some mind you. I’m not softening up here in old age, just accepting that maybe, just maybe, there are times they come in handy. Like for carrying T-shirts and food and stuff like that at the Ozzfest.

But only occassionally.

And it still doesn’t excuse you lot for using them all the ‘kin time at gigs for no apparent reason.

Just thought I’d illustrate that I can swallow my pride sometimes and admit to being perhaps a tad wrong. Better go lie down now to recover from that. Who said apologising was good for cleansing the soul? Nobody probably. Which is just as well really.

14 bands. It's gonna be a toughie to do. So, back and forth, in and out. Bits missed, sunkissed. Whatever.