Some zines you could check out ...

Fracture Zine #3 - This is just massive. A punk zine, FREE, 4000 distribution. There’s some complaints that it’s a MRR clone. Crap. It’s fucking amazing. Sure, I don’t like and agree with everything, but this is what a zine is all about. Easy to read, good to look at, informative. This one has interviews with Refuse, Zoinks, d.b.s and many more. Loads of reviews and columns from various contributors. If you’re into punk, you have to have this. If you wondered how a zine should be done, you should see this. SAE to Fracture, PO Box 623, Cardiff, CF3 9ZA.

P101 Zine - What do I say about this? It’s free, and it has a distro of 6000! So it has to be good? And it has too many ad’s. I know, if it’s free and so big, it needs ads to finance it. And I know, I shouldn’t slag off something as worthy. After all, I come nowhere near this in the grand scheme of things. I’m just a shit one man operation with delusions of grandeur, whereas this has the practical showing of grandeur. Just think that maybe the distro should be dropped, and more put into the zine. The thing is, this zine left me feeling like you have to be part of some club in order to gain access. It’s geared towards punk (why is every zine I ever find a total punk thing), albeit the American melodic side of punk. There are so many zines which in many respects just make me feel even more isolated, and this I guess is one of them. If you like Blink182 Smash Mouth and that sort of thing, this is for you, as this is what was covered in Issue 3, which is the one I picked up.

SAE to : P101 PO Box 1152, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 2YD.

Diversity Is Strength Zine - and this is the opposite. Even more punk, I mean pure punk here, so it’s even more outside my scope, but this is how it should be. Interviews with Road Rage, Contempt and more. It’s 40p, total cut and paste, tricky to read at times, and full of passion concerning its subject matter.

DIS, c/o 7/4 Birnes Court, Edinburgh, EH4 4JS.

Jellybrain ‘zine. Picked this one up at the Raggity Anne gig. Seems a bit spartan for 50p, some of the reviews could be longer. and not much in the way of interviews. Like zero. Well punk. Quite fun though, plenty of Prodigy pisstatkes, and it does give quite a few contact addresses for punk ‘zines and bands. And, judging by some of the things said in there, they’d hate YAZ. Which is fair enough. Jellybrain, 4 Clarence St, Nuneaton Warks CV11 5PT.