Bits & Bobs

Hey, Organ is back soon. Organ. The zine. The one that every single time puts me in my place at how much I have to learn in doing this. Support it. And the releases coming out on the Org label. They’ve got a new Org Radio coming out soon, dedicated to the best in UK metal.Check the bands out. Listen to these people, they know a shitload more about everything than the rest of us put together.

Should I review the new Portishead live album? Huh? I reckon I should cos they’re such a good band. And to piss off all the people who go “but they’re not rock.” Doesn’t matter. They’re quality, and it’s a quality album and fuck you if you ‘re too close minded to give something new a listen. Remember, just makes you as guilty as those that you claim stereotype you. Should’ve played Undenied though!

Please read this bit!

Cool. Kerrang! have done another 100 reasons why we’re shite feature. And just as they were actually beginning to realise they need to support UK bands. And they’re gonna give away a free CD. Cool. New stuff for everyone. Here’s a little idea. How about a free CD. But instead of the usual suspects, it contains tracks by Earththone9, Noisegate, Milque, Lysis, BlowHoly, Sack Trick, Medulla Nocte, Little 10, Snub. All good, all British. Something that maybe half the Kerrang! readers won’t already have in their collection. Or maybe I should do it? Any volunteers to help out? Anyone who could help with costs? I may look into doing this. Maybe it would even feature more demo bands. Maybe. Be a nice new years pressie methinks. I’m serious. If you’d be interested in hearing that, helping out or whatever, then let me know. What if it cost a couple of quid. Would people be interested?