Gorilla - The End

9pm, October 6. Just read a message that Gorilla have split. Yet another talented British band gone. It never makes any sense, apart from the sense that the complete and utter lack of support that UK bands receive make it somewhat ultimately inevitable. Gorilla formed from the ashes of The Beyond, who released 2 albums and numerous EPs in the early 90s. Rumour even had it, that Pearl Jam used a sample of theirs. They supported another defunct band, Living Colour. They were different. They didn’t conform to accepted niceties of the day. The label didn’t have a clue. They disappeared. And then they reformed and resurfaced as Gorilla. More accessible, yet still not conforming to the requirements of the present day. It shouldn’t matter shit, as a band should ultimately be judged on the music they create. But if they get no press, absolutely ZERO press, from the bastions of rock music in this country, those that unequivocally support the scenes, providing us with exclusives and firsts and all that crock of shit, then the music doesn’t seem to matter.

There could be many reasons behind the split for all I know, but I’ll point the finger without any hesitation towards the UK press as playing a major part. Did you ever read about Gorilla in Kerrang! or Metal Hammer, or the NME. I mean properly read. I don’t mean a derisory little single review. I mean read. An article. An interview. Know of the gigs. The releases. Who the hell they even were? No you didn’t.

Ah, it’s been a fucked up year this year. Faith No More split. Numerous reasons, but lack of support in the States would seem to be one. Human Waste Project split. Lack of support when it mattered. Kerbdog split. Lack of support. Last year Joyrider split. Lack of support. Honeycrack split. Lack of support. Is there a pattern do you think?

It’s about time the UK got it’s head removed from its arse and supported those that are out there and need it. Without it, the scene(s) will die. You get more tribute bands playing than ever. Less people going to gigs. Promoters loosing money. Bands loosing heart. And yet in amidst all this, more and more people are “keeping it real”, and wearing the latest trend in order to be accepted. Time to support the bands, the venues and the few promoters trying to do something. The UK has just lost one of the finest bands it had. Talented. Great gigs.

I’ve thought of stopping this zine. But, well, if I, and like minded people don’t shout about these bands, who the hell is going to. People complain about the British scene. Well, you have to go and find it before you condemn it. It’s out there. Go and look. It’s not really that difficult.

Final gig is October 31. I’ll be there. This zine started with a Gorilla interview. It’s going to continue now in their absence. This issue is dedicated to the band. Cheers for the gigs, the interviews and the memories.

You can read more ranting in the review of the final gig.

Live Pics Courtesy of Chris Seddon.