Sheffield Corporation

May 18 1998

Ok, where do I start on this one then? Well, I think with apologising to the first two bands for forgetting the names.

But with that over, let's concentrate on H2O for the moment, and start at the end. If you've not seen a hardcore gig before, or been put off by the image and preconceptions, then get yourself along to a H20 gig. For me, this is what it should be about. Fun. Enjoyment. A sense that the band genuinely enjoy what they are doing and enjoy the crowd. Hardcore is, to an extent, built around a concept of friendship and in it together. Too often though, at least in the past, there's been a stigma of violence attached. Sometimes fairly, sometime not. An H20 gig shows it in its proper light.

The music itself was shared between the 2 H2O albums. At least I guess it was, I've only been able to find Harder Than Water, and so I kinda guessed that the other songs were from the first album. Logic? Toby seems happy to see that there's a mix of punks there, Hey, I'm straight edge, that's my choice. My brother likes a beer, that's his choice, everyone choose. And good to see the punks and the hardcore and the straightedge hanging out together, that's what this music is about. Not direct quotes, so don't sue me, but the gist of it. He encourages everyone down the front to join in, and barely stands still on the stage. We finally made it. First time, there was no support from the label. Second time, we were due to support Dog Eat Dog, but our weak wristed drummer broke his wrist at the airport. We did four songs and had to buy tickets back. This time we've made, and we'll keep coming back now. Please do, most welcome. If they could get a support slot with their mates in Sick of it All, they'd go down a bomb. Great band.

Nice touch giving a choice of Minor Threat's Salad Days, Suicidal Tendancies I want More or Cro-Mags Hard Times as encore. ST won on shouts, but Salad Days was played instead to entice the punks down the front. Great gig. Like I said, wondered what hardcore was about. Want to see the positive and understand why people can be so inspired by it? Then go and see H20.