YAZ News - August 27 1999

Finished the monster. Yep, last night it was completed. Soooo, I'm starting to add little bits of it to the web. Slightly different style. Each link is to the equivalent of a page from the printed zine. And it runs in order, so if you go top to bottom, it's just like you've read it cover to cover. It may be more messy, but it's more zine like.

August 24 1999

It's coming. Soon. Oh yeah. Soon.

Basically, I think it's finished. Some little touches to it, couple of loving strokes here and there, but it's pretty much done. Well, it'd better be, cos I've started working on #12. Reviews of the new ones by Type O Negative, Amen, Sevendust, Today Is The Day and others are already underway. But they'll have to wait. First comes #11.

So, expect snippets of it to emerge pretty soon now. It will be snippets, because it's going to take a while to turn it all into html, and my time is pretty pushed with the old thesis. (It's ok, that excuse should disappear soon, cos it's got to be done by end of September). So, keep checking back from next week I guess. Well, 31st anyway. Our server will be down for a couple of days I think over the weekend, 27th - 30th August. I'm even thinking of having a little re-working of some of the top level pages, cos there's so much info here now, maybe it's time to try and make it a little easier to navigate. But that, as ever, depends on how much time I get. And whether I can be arsed.

YAZ News - August 14 1999

Guess it's time to release some details about issue 11 then yeah?

Ok, the important one is that it'll probably be released end August. Few reasons, one, the paper version is an 80 page whopper. Big big big. Which means it's been a lot of work. T'other reason, well, my thesis had better be finished come what may by the end of September, plus a few things going on in work simply mean that I can't concentrate on it as much as maybe needed. But this other stuff, ie work, is important.

There could well be a few changes after #11. More as it may emerge. Talks are going on. Differences may be cosmetic, but also may mean a move to a monthly issue, though if that were the case, then obviously it would be slightly smaller per issue than the latest 56 and now 80 page ones. I only have so much time per month outside of work. But that's the future, and time will tell if it happens. Well, time and whether I decide to take it there.

But #11. Yeah. Massive. Bloody big. Humdinger. The version that appears here might be slightly different to the way it's normally been presented. There's some links and themes running through the paper version that kind of get lost on the web. So I may actually publish it in a page by page format exactly as it appears in print. That way some of the references will stand a chance of making sense. But based on that, what we got? Well, there's:

A 6 page Earth Crisis interview

A 4 page Earthtone9 interview

A 5 page Dai Lo interview

A 4 page Sack Trick interview

A 3 page Blow Holy interview

A 4 and a bit page Paradise Lost interview

A 3 page Kill II This interview

A 2 page Cay interview

A super sexy secret interview that may be in this issue, but may just get held onto for #12

Reviews of the newbies by Machine Head, Coal Chamber, Ministry, Medulla Nocte/Freebase, Blow Holy, Earthtone9, Emperor, Dark Moon, iStabbing Westward, Acid Death, Neurosis, Radiator, Unida, Douglas, Vanilla Pod, Fantomas, Anathema, Unjust, Spy versus Spy, Imbalance, The Babies Three, Cay, Subhumans Tribute, Toxic Field Mice, 3D House of Beef, Atari Teenage Riot, Portishead, Spock's Beard, Grand Central / Rydell / Babies Three split CD, PN, H20, Crackdown, Subvert, Unfounded, Canvas / Hard To Swallow, Muy Feo, Arch Enemy, Paradise Lost, SOD, Liberty 37, Cardiacs, and so many more it's silly. But fun I might add.

Demos by Killswitch, Chasm, Fog Donkey, The Saffs, Flaw, Grand Central, Perish As Fools, Snubnose32 and loads of others.

Loads of gig reviews, plenty of zines to recommend.

And I may just have a rant about something or other at some stage. No promises though!

Trust me, it's going to take you a month to read the bloody thing. Oh yeah, the printed one will cost you a quid. If you think I can do something this big for free, you'd best run naked around your town, cos at least then you won't make as a big a fool of yourself as if you'd considered getting a free 80 page zine out of me.

August 3 1999

Another very quickie update. Yeah,#11 is closing in on finishing. Just got the remainder of the answers to the Sack Trick interview, and I think it all makes pretty interesting reading. In fact, I reckon the whole issue is the best one yet. And yeah, I would say that wouldn't I. Definitely one that is better to read on paper though. Partly cos there's so much it's gonna make your eyes squint on screen, and just cos there's so much more of a flow and link between everything. Better than if I'd actually tried to plan it that way. Oh, and there's a possibility it might just go to 84 pages. But no more than that. Honest. No way Jose and all those other things. Definitely be towards the end of August though before it's available. Do you realise I've only got 2 months left to complete my bloody thesis. And move campus. And keep the system running. And work on one of the research project deliverables. And .... maybe the zine will have to move backwards in priority slightly to that which pays the bills. And don't start me on bills, feels like the entire months wages said hello and then goodbye on the weekend paying everything!

July 23

Time for an update I think. Well, work's been a bit busy, so things are to an extent being pushed into the background a bit. The CD's going pretty well at the moment, but there are copies left.

Anyway, #11. Well, it's expanded to 80 pages I think. No more. I can't fit any more in. There could well be a Paradise Lost interview. Well, I did it, and I thought it was pretty good. But, er, I can't find the tape now! Yeah I know I know. But these things happen. So that may get pushed back a bit until I find the tape.

I've typed up the Earth Crisis interview, which was a major 'kin thing. Six or seven pages it is, with absolutely no pictures in there. Other interviews look like being Earthtone9, Sack Trick, Cay, Kill II This, BlowHoly and I'm working out the other ones to include, which partly depends on whether I find that Paradise Lost one or not.

Probably looking at a mid August release on it now. The printed one is going to cost you a quid. No way can I do an 80 page zine for free.

July 26

Ok, another quick update on that update. I've found the Paradise Lost interview, and it's now typed up. As is the Earthtone9 one, which took until 2 in the morning on Saturday to finish. Anyway, the issue is really begining to get there now, and I really do think it may be finished and availble at some stage in August. It's going to take you a bleeding month to read it, trust me. Oh yeah, I typed up the Kill II This interview as well. Doing a Dailo one this week hopefully, still have the Cay one to type up, might see what's salvagable from the Skinlab one, and there's a secret one I'm still hoping that I might just be able to get sorted. No more on that just in case it doesn't happen.

Oh yeah, and get the new Earthtone9 album, because it's an absolute belter. Issue 11, 80 fun whinge moan packed pages coming to you sometime in the future.

Issue 10
May 10

They're heeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 5 boxes of the beauts. May even be able to face the big 2 9 tomorrow after all.

Those people that have expressed an interest in them, I will get back to you sometime during the week to pass on the details. Though it may be the end of the week as I'm waay busy in work at the moment. That's why it's a Saturday and I'm in work sorting stuff out and just doing a quick update for you.

What shall I put in #11? Interviews. Yeah, maybe Earthtone9, Earth Crisis, Sack Trick, BlowHoly, Cay. Maybe more. Maybe another one that I can say no more about at the moment, but am working to see if it can get done. Guess I could try and fit in Kill II This. Time soon for Snub. And Dai Lo. 3rd Stone. A Nottingham feature. Lots more.

Might've even looked to an interview with G**** C******. But they've pissed me off with their attitude. At least their singer has. "You don't support up and coming bands, just NYHC dross and ABC metal... You should wake up and smell the coffee and perhaps went to see some of these bands." Yeah right, like I already don't. Like the CD isn't supporting the upcoming UK scene. Like the gig review of your band isn't support. Like the review of your demo which is going in #11 isn't support, along with the reviews that are already written of the other bands you namecheck isn't support. Like the fact that though you may not like NYHC or metal, I try to cover all of it and more. American hardcore, UK hardcore. Metal. Punk. Alternative. Poppier stuff. Like that's not being fair. It would be so much fairer to just concentrate on your music and ignore the other. Research your facts before you make allegations at me. Remember, as most people that have read the zine and commented, "I'm an opinionated bastard." And I will have my say. And as I write this, I will have the FINAL say. About time some bands recognised that zine's aren't there just to do everything for the bands. A little support from bands wouldn't go amiss. (Though some bands have been very supportive to me, and know who they are.) You come across a band you think deserve reviewing, or have a demo, well why not give them the contact details of some zines. Take some zines out on tour with you and give them away or sell them. And not just the ones that have a feature on your band. Zines exist even when you're not in them. They're just as valid and important then. Did you send me your demo? Huh, why complain about lack of support if you didn't send it? Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot, I've got to search you out cos you're so 'kin special.

You've started me out on one now. Sometimes it seems bands don't give a shit. It's what they can get and then fuck it. Not all of them are like that thankgod, but some ...

I was saving this for the zine, but the spleen needs venting at the moment. The name will come later if I decide to go with this and we don't resolve matters. I've offered to, but so far silence as they say, is golden. Instead of attacking, why not ask if I'm prepared to review the demo, and if I say no, then you're within your rights. But I don't turn down demos. I'll review what I'm sent. I'll review what I buy. I'll review the gigs I pay petrol and ticket price to get into. Don't tell me I don't support. I travelled 140 miles round trip seeing your band. I bought your demo. I've written a big, and good review of your demo. Cos it is good. But you don't think to find out. Or ask. Just jump in and tell me not to listen to that, listen to this. What if I do that? Will it make me better. If I ignore all the other bands. Huh? Tell me. Or did you only send your demo to the hardcore / emo zines that you figure might like it. What about the metal ones? Huh? Or is it all still too cliquey. Don't want metal people listening and all that shit huh? The unity and open-mindedness of music today. It should happen. It's still got a fuck of a long way to go with attitudes like that. Best stay out of my way at the moment.

Sorry, it's Friday afternoon. End of long hard week blah di blah. Ah, that's refreshing. I needed that. Oh, and by the way UK people. Medulla Nocte are supporting Soulfly on their three dates. Now, I don't know that I'm going to be able to get to any of the gigs (prior gig appointments. Yeah Mr I don't support. I already know what's happening a month down the line), so you will make sure you get there early and check them out now won't you. And get ready to catch Soulfly as they get blown off the stage.

Oh yeah, and #10 is now up to 56 pages. Just has some extra stuff that just had to go in. You're going to have to wait to see what. But part of it is special. Trust me. Though it's not UK based, so I'm probably giving my support where I shouldn't. Yeah, crap. Music is universal. I'm going now to finish ranting at myself. If you see someone in Nottingham mouthing off in the car this afternoon/evening, it's probably just me. No need to worry. Normal service will be resumed soon.

Ok, #10 is actually complete. Has been for a month or more. But the CD is taking longer than anticipated or desired. Anyway, the zine itself has interviews with:

  • System of a Down
  • Sepultura
  • Fear Factory
  • Spineshank

    As ever, there's the small possibility that I will have been ranting about something or other. There's also reviews on the likes of Milque, Org Radio, 3 Colours Red, Jello Biafra, and so much other stuff my mind has gone blank. Put it like this, as ever, it's 52 A5 pages, crammed with stuff.

    Anyway, I can now confirm that it's 17 tracks, 72 1/2 minutes, and that the tracklisting is as follows:

    Yazcore Vol 1

  • Sack Trick - Perfect Today
  • Earthtone9 - Ever You Say
  • Shallow - Always Tomorrow
  • Milque - Shifter
  • Dog Toffee - Stupid
  • Noisegate - World Of One
  • BlowHoly - Scene & Herd
  • Monkey Boy - It Came From Mars
  • Snub - Blackout
  • Lysis - Dark Mind Rise
  • Chasm - Almost There
  • Breakneck - Surface
  • Gorilla - Superstar
  • Little 10 - Carpee
  • Dai Lo - Twist The Knife
  • 3rd Stone - No One
  • Babies Three - Untitled Number One

    And this is the front of it

    And this is the back of it

    Thanks to Kaye for the artwork

    If you're interested in a copy, then the best, and quite possibly only way to go about it, is to send me an email

    . When I receive them back from the pressing plant and know that everything is well with them, and that they've been treated with care and respect, then I'll start the vetting procedure to see if you'll provide a good home to it. Which might well involve the next paragraph.

    Basically, the deal is this. It'll cost you 3 quid plus an A5 SAE (jiffy advisable if you don't want to suffer breakage of the caseage in the postage). If you're overseas from the UK, well, I haven't exactly figured that bit out yet. But I reckon it'll either involve an International money order, or something like that, or trades for demos or whatever, or CENSORED.

    And if you think that 3 quid plus packaging is a bit too much for a 56page A5 zine and 73 minute CD, then I wouldn't bother mailing. And I wouldn't bother listening to any more music, cos you don't deserve the privelige. And I'm suffering from really bad spelling this afternoon. Steady Dave, you'll be alienating and antagonising the potential punters!

    So that's it for now from YAZ central.