Dead Inside / The Blueprint / Beecher Derby Vic, June 4th 2002.

Well, it's a tradition by now. There were some additional bands on the bill. I wasn't there at that point in time.

So, the first band I managed to see are Beecher, second time round for me, previously was in this here very room supporting CaveIn. That time I was fairly impressed, much as I am this time round. It's kind of all over the shop, heavy, melodic, aggressive. When it works it works well, when it doesn't, well for me much of this type of stuff can then seem to be trying to be too damn clever for its own good. I still get a hardcore feeling of Mr Bungle in there, the crowd seems to enjoy it, and there's plenty of good natured heckling going on, as well as songs being dedicated to friends of the band being their birthday, and the unfortunate incident of mentioning how old birthday man is. Overall feeling? If I weren't such an apathetic person, I'd really get hold of their CD.

Anyway, next is the main reason I'm here if truth be told. And I suspect it's the same for a fair few others, as the next band, The Blueprint, easily have the biggest crowd of the evening for their set. Ok, it's time to set a few things straight here methinks. The is The Blueprint's first gig. The Blueprint comprises members and former members of Consumed, earthtone9 and Pitchshifter. Now, that said, and let's be honest, whether they like it or not or intend it or not, some at least early musings about the band will centre around those other bands, this is not Consumed, earthtone9 or Pitchshifter. If that's what you want, you may as well buy the CDs and a 3CD player and put em all on at once at home. There's no point expecting that stuff, there's no point whinging if it doesn't sound like your favourite moments from any of those bands. It's disrespectful to them, and it's disrespectful to what The Blueprint are tring to achieve. So, ok, we're going into this one with a clean slate right? Good stuff. Anyway, at present it would appear they have 5 songs ready, as that's what they play tonight. So it's a short sharp shock set, lasting somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes. With the exception of opener Minus, which is available for download from their website, this is the first time I've actually heard any of their music, so as with anytime you hear something for the first time, initial reaction has to be tempered with appreciation that the more we hear things, the more we accustomise and are then able to form an opinion. Minus after a few listens starts to embed itself, fairly strong chorus helping it standout. Most of the other songs seem to take a similar approach. The music is energised, heavy in places, though not especially so, kind of post hardcore like, Mark's bass sound stands out, so thick and distorted. It's difficult to judge so early on, sounds promising, but ultimately I need to be able to hear the songs for a reasonable length of time to form a real opinion. Promising.

And finally, Dead Inside, who if I'm not mistaken contain former members of the likes of Hard To Swallow. The crowd's thinned out a bit, but those that remain are rewarded by an interesting set of, ug, shoot me now, old school, yeargh, hardcore. I've heard the name Black Flag mentioned in relation to this band, and yeah, maybe there's a hint of that sort of thing, at least in terms of energy. It feels loose in some respects, like it could fall apart, but it's entertaining and at least for the few minutes in here this evening, vital for it. They are persuaded to return and do a er, cover, of Maiden's Prowler, "it only made it out of the rehersal place once, this is gonna be shit" we're warned, and after much persuasion, they manage it. To be honest, it was a fucking shambles, but, BUT, it still sounded good, because of the shambles, and personally, because I think it highlights what a fucking great song and album it's from. Probably the best song of the evening. And for all those who may say it was a piss take or whatever, I don't care. It's only my opinion, and it counts for nothing.